What To Do!


Hi Guys,

I was wondering on what to do if a death occurs in the family and you need to travel away for a few days to attend the service. This is exactly what happened to me yesterday evening.

I have contacted all my active buyers telling them what is going on and also set my account to “On Vacation Mode”.

Is this the correct thing to do in these kind of situations? Does anyone have/had the same issue?


I agree, you could just do a cancellation and explain the reason why.

Sorry for your loss.


Reply to @juiceex: Thanks Juiceex! I’ll keep that in mind.


Reply to @grogbro: Thanks!


Instead of vacation mode, you could always mutually agree to undo the sale. I have no experience with the vaca mode though. I understand the countdown counter stops during the vacation mode?


Reply to @sincere18: I rather not cancel because that is a negative on my account that can cost me points on getting to a next level. It’s not that I can’t do the job, it’s just that it will be later delivered than expected, that’s all. And thanks sincere18!


Reply to @rhinestone66: Countdown still counts down during vacation mode if the Gig is accepted before you went on vacation.

But undoing the sale is not the best option as this will come to bite you in the a#$ when you look at you Analytics.


I would say you are on the right path. I’ve been late on some cough of my gigs because they take a while to do. I kindly explain what’s happened and they usually are pretty nice about it. Like you I also put myself in vaca’ mode.

So you are doing the write thing. As long as the Buyer understands and accepts your situation, that’s all that matters.

Family and your personal life comes first, as always. Giving a Buyer who’s waiting on you a quick message doesn’t hurt at all. :wink:


Sounds like you are doing everything right. Sorry to hear about your loss.

** small warning, make sure that your gigs show up in search results when you get back from “vacation mode”. It took me 3 weeks once before I noticed that all of my gigs had been removed from search after using the vacation mode setting and they never came back until I noticed a big drop in sales and contacted support.


Reply to @veccora: Indeed, my Analytics are disasterous. In my very first gig, I had a first-time buyer… so we had to figure it all out. Never mind, I am getting on now. Slowly still, but that’s ok. For now :wink:


Im sorry for your loss if you dont want to do vacation mode you can extend your delivery time, again if you explained this your buyers can be more than considerate.


Reply to @julipalmer7: Thanks for your message. I did go into “vacation mode” and I also let my buyers know that I was away. They all understood, and I had no issues whatsoever.


Ok, Great to know.


Reply to @veccora: A mutual cancellation shouldn’t hurt you. My cancellation rate was 10% when I was promoted to TRS. It happens.


Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thanks!