What to for smart phone?


I know that, Multi-pal account don’t allow in one PC. If I want to alternate my PC with my friend who also has fiverr account. So we have to reset our both PC. Have to use new Windows.

So I already alternate my smartphone with someone else who also has fiverr account in his Smartphone. So If I want to use my Account in that phone which one I did alternate so Is there need to reset the phone’s factory data or simply I have to uninstall the fiverr app and reinstall the login my account.

what is the posses please let me know.


I’m no tech wiz, (so anyone who can read my post please correct me if I’m wrong) but my gut instinct is that you just log out of the app itself and log in with your account.


inform Customer Support about your special case of using two Fiverr accounts from one IP, this will help you in staying on safe side. they’ll definitely assist you in this regard about the process to be followed.


What you are doing is very risky no matter how you do it. I suggest that you clear it with Support so they understand that you aren’t using multiple accounts yourself.