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What to improve next? / SEO / Promoting Gig

Hello there! I am just a beginner to freelancing, and Fiverr so I am sorry that I’m gonna be asking multiple things.

I would just like to:

1.) know your thoughts about my gig so I can improve it :slight_smile: I keep tracking its analytics everyday and try to improve it based on what it seems to be lacking to. I also am trying to send an offer thru buyer request at least everyday but still could not get customers. I don’t know what is wrong with my gig anymore.
This is the link of my gig:

2.) ask you guys if the ‘Search Tags’ section in the edit page of my gig is the SEO you all referring to?

3.) know if promoting your Fiverr Gig outside Fiverr is a really helpful?

Thank you all in advanced!

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Good gig and I love your images, I’ll call you if I need!



Wow, thank you! I would be glad to be of service to you in the future!

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Gig images are nicely designed but I didn’t see the keyword " photoshop" more than once in the gig description
You can use the targeted keyword up to 3 times and it increases the chances of your gig to come in the search results of more buyers use it in different parts in different ways, try adding the focus word in the packages too
You may add the keyword in the tags section “photoshop editing” if it comes under the word count
Lastly promoting gig outside the Fiverr helps in what we call social signals and you might get 2 or 3 orders but it wasn’t that effective for me


Thanks a lot for the giving feedback about my gig images. Now I know that it’s fine and won’t change it anymore.

You mean I should add the keyword ‘photoshop’ at least 3 times in my gig description? Thank you I will do that.

Oh I see. because I am thinking that it would be ineffective to bring a customer from one platform to another just to place an order. I don’t know :smile: Btw, thank you for sharing your experience!

Very Professional & well design gig images.

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Thank you for your insight!