What to put on my new Fiverr blog?


I bought a domain name and want to make a blog about Fiverr, I am having a hard time trying to figure out where to start. I notice that other sellers are advertising good gigs so I do want to have a section on great gigs for sale. I would appreciate finding out what other things you would want to see on a blog about Fiverr. Your suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance for any ideas you can give me.


thanks for your comment. I hope you do start your own site, contact me if you want to keep in touch about our sites. :slight_smile:

I am thinking of adding a section on time management etc as I have expertise in that area, do you think that might be helpful for Fiverr people?


Yes, it will be really helpful. Fiverr gigs need to be promoted continuously and blog promoting is very good

When your blog is on, could you please promote these 2 gigs? They are very good and really need promotion. Thank you




I am not very good at creating content for a website or blog, but it might be wise to look for a professional here on Fiverr. Anyway, let us know when your blog is live :-h


Hi Magellon, thanks a lot. I will let you know when the blog is up and running. Let me know if you have something you’d like me to add about you and your gigs. :slight_smile:


Reply to @tumichael2: Thanks for your input! The first link you gave me says the gig is no longer on fiverr. I will check out the second link and add it to the blog if I think it is worthy.


could you please promote my gig



Reply to @lahi1990: thanks, I am not going to be promoting linking gigs as there are so many of them that seem a bit shady. (Not to say yours is but it is not a service I will be promoting.)


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks, you are so right but I will be wanting to share good gigs on the blog but they will have to be very good ones with lots of feedback and excellent ratings.


I think you should start writing about why you use fiverr, what attracted you to the platform and how you as well as others (buyers and sellers) benefit from using the fiverr.

Just that alone is good for 3 blog posts. You could also interview buyers and sellers about their experiences, provide a how-to guide for buyers and sellers, review some fiverr gigs and then start writing more specifically about your gigs on fiverr to earn you more traffic.

Once you get started feel free to contact me for any proofreading or editing needs :slight_smile:

Good luck!




Reply to @ellenwright: wow, great suggestions, thanks so much!


Reply to @kaitomono: You are most welcome!


I use my blog as a way to offer tips to other sellers and buyers. I’ve written about the forum, how negative feedback affects sellers and tips for buyers looking for the perfect gig. Whenever I use a service on here, I make sure to schedule a day to write a review about it–those are the only services that I write reviews on and promote (if I feel they’re worthy of being promoted).

I’d definitely start with why you enjoy Fiverr and promote your own gigs. Blogging is a great platform and many people have said they’ve found my gigs through my Fiverr blog.