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What to say? Cuddy? or Fraud Buyer?

Well, I have joined fiverr a month ago. Till now, I have completed my very first **7 orders successfully with 5 star rating. Yesterday I have dealt a buyer who sent request to make his sign a transparent background file. Based on my offer, he inboxed me and asked me to send a sample. As a sample I have sent my own sign and asked him that if that was okay or not.

Ridiculously, he replied, “No I don’t want your sign, give me sample of mine.” I have tried to convince them that his sign is going to be like the sample one, but he denied. I wondered if he was seeking the job to be done free of cost. :roll_eyes:

After working on his sign, I sent him a low resolution file and asked him to place order for the high res one. He placed the order and after completing his job, I have delivered the product. Though his requirement was only transparent background, I have gave him a piece of white background along with the transparent one, as I thought he may find that one useful too.

To my surprise he told me, “I am not satisfied, still there is a fiver watermark on the images. Please remove it.” :scream:

I replied “Dear Sir, I have not added the watermark at all. These are actually the default settings of fiverr. Mark the order as completed, fiverr will automatically remove that watermark. Thank you for your concern.”

Today he has marked the order as complete and left a 2.7 star review mentioning that

“Dear Sir, I have not added the watermark at all. These are actually the default settings of fiverr. Mark the order as completed, fiverr will automatically remove that watermark. Thank you for your concern. am also surprised when the watermark is gone from my image. I’m going to see it or else this will be the last assignment” :confounded:

After that I have inboxed him and asked if the watermark is still there or not?

He replied, “Yes, the watermark is removed. I am satisfied.”

Flabbergasted. This order seems a curse to me now. Seems, he took revenge on me for failing to get his work done for free.

According to my viewpoint, getting no order is far better than getting order from such buyers. Can anyone suggest me, how to get rid of these types of buyers.


you cannot satisfy everybody ??? :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

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Uh. You are right. Thanks for the balm.

Definitely “cuddy”. (whatever that means)

Increase your prices. Also, never call anyone dear or sir, very unprofessional.


Thanks for the suggestion. Will keep it in mind. But sometimes the buyer use such a username that is not a name at all. In that cases, What approach will work?

Why call him anything? “Hey”. “Hello”. Nothing else is needed.


Okay. Thanks. Will follow in future

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I can guarantee that every person who asks me for samples will flip into becoming overtly hostile or skin crawlingly passive aggressive the second I say no.

It is also evident in the vast majority of cases, that people asking for samples have zero ability to gauge the quality of a sample.

Do yourself a favor and just avoid working with anyone who ever asks for samples.


every one wants a sample lol

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Really cool and bold. Thanks for the suggestion

Not true. Personally I never deliver samples unless it’s a really large order that warrants them. I still get buyers.


I always refuse free samples. If they want a sample they can pay for a basic package.

Sometimes buyers can be quite upset that you’ve rumbled them …


But when I am insisting them on placing the order rather free samples. they are leaving bad reviews even if the product is delivered exactly as their requirement. I think not receiving orders from this type buyers will be a wise decision. bt there is buyers freedom that they can place order without sellers consent. How to deal with that fact?

Raise your prices - a lot! You’ll frighten the scammers and attract more decent people.

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That’s can be an effective solution. Thanks for the suggestion

Yes I agree I suggest raise your price so this way you stay away from scammers and you focus in getting in business with serious buyers . I had a similar situation actually in the first day someone was trying to convince me to work for him for 7 days for 20$ and he become verry agressive when I explained politely that I am not interested in losing my time with such projects . Lucky for me he did not place any order and in the following days i started to get contacted by serious buyers
But before doing that maybe focus on getting your rating fixed acumulate a few 5 star before


Thanks for sharing your experience. Will be aware in future. That buyer just ruined my seller reputation. Working on it to regain

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That’s ridiculous. Doing the work for free for his own “sample”. Then delivering the order and how stupid could this buyer be, if within the delivered work, it literally says on Fiverr by default, that the watermark will be removed once order is accepted.

Another thing is that why the hell did he review you without checking if the watermark was removed? That’s ridiculous how they are lazy to read Fiverr’s default messages.

I should not even waste my time with those buyers that request his own work to be part of the “sample”. He could have just checked previously delivered work through portfolio.


Yeah man, there are some buyers that will make your mouth stay open. I have buyers who automatically buy a 10$ gig without reading the description and wants over 200$+ amount of work.


“Very much sensitive and cooperative buyer. Great experience working with him.”

This is review you left to him… He can’t see it until he writes you one so it won’t affect what he will write for you. Just be honest so other sellers know what they are gonna deal with.

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