What to sell on fiverr


Hello how can I find a niche or the best gigs that I can sell on fiverr ?


Something you can do which buyers will be able to give you 5 star reviews for?


Your gig consists of background removal, having a change of :heart:?
Any other photoshop skills?


I don’t know nikavoice… I can learn anything I have just to find what is in demand and with less offers.
I need to know what people want then I can take action.


If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it, and everyone would be rich.

It takes time to become good at something. And by “good at something”, I mean good enough that someone (preferably a lot of people) would be willing to pay you to do it.



See what’s selling really well with other top sellers, then see if there are other gigs by the same sellers that are getting very few reviews. Maybe there’s some nuggets of info in those gigs that aren’t selling. The top sellers have good ideas but all of their gigs don’t do great. See if you can tweak both the popular gig offers and the unpopular ones.

Can you combine 2 gigs into one until you get some reviews and momentum? Something that will cost you very little time to produce or no time preferably.