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What to think of this kind of message?

Hi, I got the enclosed message this morning. Obviously I am not interested.

For those wondering, this is not the way to get sales!

I did not push the report button yet for this message. I just found it annoying, and unethical.

I mean, what is wrong with people these days? Sometimes I even get messages from sellers that sell the same kind of ‘product’ as I am selling …

Secondly, I did report someone for asking to take business outside Fiverr!

In my case, it was a Seller who actually tried to FORCE me to contact him outside Fiverr. :open_mouth:

In your case, was it a Seller or Buyer? Just curious. :slight_smile:

I’m curious: Did you get any response from Customer Support, when you reported to them, the seller (or was it a buyer?) who asked you to take business outside of Fiverr?


I am still waiting. It can take a few days to get a response. I hope that I do, because they do demote sellers for taking business outside Fiverr! They should do something against these kinds of buyers!

Reply to @kjblynx: Obviously in your case, Lynx, you’re talking about Buyers.

I’d assume they just haven’t taken the time to read the FAQs, forum threads, etc…

…but then, I read all the Seller-posts here about cheap*ss buyers and think, ‘Hmmm… sounds like their requests for outside contact are not an “accident”…’



Reply to @regency85: In my case it was a buyer who wanted to take business outside Fiverr, and a seller who wanted me to refer some of my business to him, so I could get his services for free.

Lol, I know see that my message is not very clear. I had enclosed the one message I wanted to rant about (the seller that wanted to make a deal with me so I would refer prospective buyers to him, so he would give me one of his ‘products’ for free) I guess someone deleted that screenshot. That was a seller.

The second issue: taking business outside Fiverr was a buyer.

If you read my initial message now, it looks like I am talking about 1 person only, while I meant to be referring to two separate incidents!

Strangely enough I also got this message this morning. Just ignore it. Its not worth the time nor the effort.

This is an international site and people in other countries have different ideas on how to do business. It sounds naive more than anything else to think that it would be a good way to get sales.

Update: Thank you for all your input. It was not the first time I got these types of messages. Usually, I just click the report button. Since my Fiverr business is getting pretty hectic nowadays, I was not my usual composed self yesterday. I needed to rant.

Customer Support’s Ron got back to me, and will look into the buyer’s conduct. (The buyer that wanted me to take business outside Fiverr) Well, that message was in Dutch, so I had to give CS a summary. I guess in these situations, it will be his word against mine I guess. Maybe I should suggest to them that I could translate all Dutch messages into English :smiley: :smiley:

Since we are on an international platform, these types of problems come in all forms and languages. And, yes, sometimes there is the cultural aspect. As a human translator, I see that all the time. On many occasions, I not only translate words, but also the meaning behind them.

I got that same message a few days ago and promptly ignored it. It was annoying! :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @kjblynx:

> Why would buyers be trying to promote their services if they don’t have services?

They wouldn’t BUT… they’d be trying to contact YOU THE SELLER, and convincing you to work for them, outside of Fiverr. Read the Forum posts here - and you’ll see this happens all the time.

Reply to @belgianwriter: Thanks for clarifying this Belgian.

@kjblynx: See? It was a BUYER (one of them) and in exactly the way I described (before I even read this clarification by Belgian!). :open_mouth:

Reply to @craigscott: Did you report the Seller?

Reply to @misscrystal: You make a good point here, Crystal.

In the “real world” (i.e. brick-and-mortar businesses), people often complain to me about “grinders” from certain countries (usually South Asian).

[Note: A “grinder” is often-used slang, for someone who tries to grind-you-down on your price.]

I explain to them that in some countries, aggressive negotiating is the norm. These people then emigrate to a “first world” nation - or they start doing business online (where most of the Buyers are from the “Big 5” first-world nations) - but don’t realize that “grinding” is considered rude and unacceptable in their new home/environment.

Reply to @belgianwriter:

> I was not my usual composed self yesterday. I needed to rant.

Purpose of having a Forum #1: Helping newbies learn the “rules”.

Purpose of having a forum #2: Helping veterans reduce stress by Ranting! :))

> Maybe I should suggest to them that I could translate all Dutch messages into English

Great business-woman thinking here! :smiley:

Reply to @regency85: eventually I think i did . I think customer service at this point is saying “Oh Man here’s another report from Craig” I’m like the occasional Fiverr Bureau Investigator freelancing at my leisure.

regency85 said: [Note: A "grinder" is often-used slang, for someone who tries to grind-you-down on your price.]

Where I come from a "grinder" is a "sub" or a "submarine" or a "hoagie" or a "torpedo" sandwich.

Reply to @ricksper:

Down in Houston we called them “Po-Boys”.