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What to Verify for Fiverr Account Verification

Hello Everyone,
When FIVERR asked for Verification of Account. So, we Upload our documents to get verified.
My question is that…What the FIVERR VerifyName or Address…?

If anyone know about it…then plz leave your Valuable Feedback here…


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Here is what Hans experienced.


So, There is no Concern about Address Verification…?

I have not been through the verification process myself. So, I do not know. Maybe @hanshuber16 can answer your question.

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Sure, I’d be glad to help. :blush: Thanks for letting me know, Vickie.

Nope. I was not asked for my address. There is also no “address verification” done during the ID verification process.

They only ask you for two documents: a valid international/national ID (that has your photo on it) and a photo/selfie of yourself.


Thank You. i Understand.

hi @hanshuber16 is this important to add original name for fiverr profile that is on the id or not , please let me know and thanks in advance

Hans has not been back to the Forum in a long while.

do you verified your identity on fiverr ?

No, I have not been requested to do so yet.

It’s not important, no. Your username and legal name don’t need to be the same or even similar.