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What to with Buyers who Discuss for 4 days, place order, and then ask for cancellation

Hey Sellers,

Tell me,

What to with Buyers who Discuss for 4 days, place order, and then ask for cancellation?

Here is the issue:

A buyer (also a fiverr seller), started a discussion about a project with me. The discussion went for 4 days.

I had clearly told them what is covered in my price and what files will be required. Here is what they wanted me to do:

They wanted me to format book interior for print + ebook + upload.

I asked them that I will need the print PDF cover too. They said, they have the Print PDF cover and will supply it.

They asked for custom offer for the work to be done.

They accepted the offer.

BUT, when I asked for print PDF, they sent me Kindle cover.

I said this is Kindle cover, send me Print PDF cover.

NOW, instead of providing the cover, they asked me to cancel the order.

They did not even care if I can format it for them in the same price DIRECTLY they asked for the ORDER CANCELLATION.

Then I checked their profile, and found the person is a seller on Fiverr.


TO reduce my rating
To push me back from being a TOP Rater Seller because an order cancellation means you cannot be a TOP RATED SELLER.

GUYS HOW TO MANAGE SUCH TIME WASTING ELEMENTS who discusses the project, makes everything clear several times, and then ask for cancellation???

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If they only wanted you to format the book interior was the print cover really needed? Is it needed by KDP for print books or can the print book’s interior and cover be uploaded separately?

There’s not a lot you can do I think. For some things you can ask CS to cancel (where it might not affect stats). Cancelling normally an order that isn’t in progress after 7 days I think is not supposed to affect stats, though that probably wouldn’t be what they wanted here.

You could also make sure the buyer has everything before the order if really necessary (eg. ask to see links/files). You could also have discussed why it was needed (if it was) and why the ebook one couldn’t be used for it. Though maybe he only wanted the interior formatting. So discussing it more with the buyer might have helped prevent the cancellation.

Yes, they asked me to format the interior for print, eBook, and then upload. For upload, print was needed. Without a print cover, upload cannot be done. Everything was discussed in 3-4 days but still that seller behaved liked that.

Maybe you could have just uploaded the manuscript and left the cover section blank and selected “save as draft”? Maybe that would work and save it without a cover also having to be uploaded in the same session.

If that can’t be done and it really needs the cover for upload (though I’ve got one without a cover currently though it was transferred to KDP) you could make sure your offer text or gig details say that uploading to KDP will only be done (eg. for print books) if the cover image is supplied. In theory you should really make required fields mandatory but that might not always work (eg. they might have an ebook not a print book - though for that you could split the gig maybe into ebook only or print book and/or ebooks - if that’s allowed).

If might be easier to just not offer the option of uploading to sites like KDP whether in the gig or in offers. You could have just had the option to deliver the formatted interior. The buyer could then upload it. That would also save you needing to know their account info.

My friend,

Everything was made clear and discussed clearly. I had offered them price for each and every work. They said they cannot afford cover formatting so I said no worries if you cannot afford my price just give me the final Print ready PDF and they said yes, they will do but even after that the person sent me only kindle cover. Moreover, I told that person a fix and send me this but he refused and asked direct for cancellation.

You are not discussing a solution but directly asking for cancellation, What does that mean?