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What to write in offer messages?

We all focus on the offer messages how to write or what to write. But sometimes buyers send request just in one sentence without proper details. Like, I want an article for my blog in 1000 words. or, I want to do do SEO in my site. As I focus on SEO most of the time I got these kind of requests. In this case, how to write offer messages?
Secondly, why buyers put buyer request when they can easily select from the ranked gig.


If you really want to make an offer on poorly written BR: Ask questions, state that you will need addition info, set up an offer that has clear limits.

In my experience, if a request is written poorly and I’m contacted, it’s rarely easy to continue communication. Buyers who don’t already know what they want are seldom pleased with what they get.

Any number of reasons, take your pick: Don’t actually know what they want, are resellers, are poor communicators, are new to the platform and just poking, are new to the platform and don’t know what they’re doing, are new to the platform and are use to bids from other sites, are overwhelmed by the search results, are lazy… the list goes on.

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Thanks. Got my answer :blush: