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What Top 3 Things would You Most Like to see Changed with Fiverr's Policies or Processes?


My top 3 wannabe changed things on Fiverr are:

  1. Less reliance on automation to judge seller’s performance (especially concerning reviews)

  2. Find a quicker way for buyers to receive payments by negotiating a better deal with fusspot PayPal

  3. Make it harder to lose promoted levels instead of the stressy policy operating today

    What I am doing here is a survey, so the more people that respond by listing what they think should change will allow me to give statistical feedback to Fiverr & tell them what things really matter to us all. If you could contribute your list of 3 things & like this thread, then the better chance I can to deliver some meaningful feedback & this thread will stay in a better position to get those responses. Thank you for your contribution it’s much appreciated.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: Great suggestions here & I am sure many would agree with some (if not all) your points. I am going to see if I can move this thread into the suggestions threads.


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vedmak you crack me up… Make your 3 wishes & the great Fiverr fairy will grant them (if they don’t disband you into the realms of a -2 de-levelled gig-apprentice first) lol


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Reply to @vedmak: Be cool vedmak it’s a sense of humour. Best seller aren’t they the next level up from a level 2? The comment is jest… It meant that if one of your 3 wishes was to be a level best seller just for being you then, who cares, this isn’t some serious thread (it’s in rant anyway).

The second part of the comment means if your 3 tops wants annoy Fiverr, well there’s always that risk of being demoted but we both know they wouldn’t give a damn what anyone said in here. So, my question to you is are you having a bad day & what’s up?

Thirdly if anyone thinks a few lines of text in a forum post (of jest) will help them decide to not buy my gigs, well, my answer to that is, I don’t want their flipping custom (I’m too busy writing & not just here).

P.S. Note “lol” usually means it is a comment made humorously but I removed the comment if it offends you that much. This place is a right dull bore…


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Excellent stuff, that’s the ticket vedmak, all sounds damned good to me (your points that is). Maybe if a lot more people posted in here someone somewhere in the higher ranks of Fiverr might stumble on a few flipping good suggestions as solutions to what will obviously be an ongoing problem if nothing changed. You, know, be able to statistically work out what everyone really wants out of all this. It could be a cracking good site, as it is; it holds plenty of potential.

I almost gave up on this forum back then but couldn’t sleep & came back for more. Glad we got that earlier glitch resolved anyway.


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  1. Mutually/mistaken/not enough or no information given/inactive orders leading to cancelation should have NO impact on a sellers level. EVER.

  2. We are working for $4 a pop, and 9 times out of ten we deliver more than $10+ (that is a BIG +) worth of market value per $4 we make. So when a customer’s order is finished and they are about to click the thumbs up and type the positive feedback when submitting, a popup box appears saying

    "If you think your seller over delivered your order in any way and you would like to show your appreciation, you can leave a tip and a message for them"

    Empty box is under this message

    to the left of the box it says Enter value amount to tip $

    user can enter anything from $1-$200 tip.

    Implementing this method would free up hundreds if not thousands of “tip gigs” that most sellers have. Bring in more revenue for fiverr, make it more user friendly for sellers and buyers a like, and also it shows Fiverr really does care for both buyers and sellers interests.

  3. A reject order button that the seller can click if the buyer has either not read gig description, incorrect order, not supplied correct or no info at all, or just being abusive/unhelpfull. Customer has 2 days to dispute this reject order and give a good explanation why. If no response order auto rejects. Or customer can agree the reject order.

    Oder cancels, funds are returned to buyer, no effect to sellers level or status in anyway.

    These 3 simple changes will make fiverr 100 times better to work for.


Reply to @vedmak: I am going to see if I can move this to suggestions threads, it annoys me that I don’t always think hard enough about what I am doing sometimes but I guess I chose rant pot so everyone could let their hair down (so-to-speak).


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I’m listing these as “in an ideal world” so I’m not taking into consideration all the ramifications and complications related to actually initiating them. :slight_smile:

1x Simplistic “refusal” of orders.

2x Gigs being reviewed by humans for legality, and adherence to Fiverr’s own ToS, BEFORE going live.

3x Fiverr hiring me as a forum moderator with full authority to move & delete threads, create & advance priority support tickets for buyers & sellers, and emergency account shutdown “boom, you’re gone” powers!


lol… I hope I remain in your good books if you become thread moderator & that my threads stop being tossed about like pebbles in a storm. Thanks itsyourthing for your great 3 suggestions, it’s already looking like people like humans to be making the important decisions.


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#1 Quit being so shady. With your vague way of operating. Noone ever knows what is happening and there is little support.

#2 Treat everyone on the same level. Don’t shun new users because their new. Don’t call them names because they don’t know answers. Allow them the same opportunity to make money like you allow your favorites.

#3 For god sakes upgrade. The site is very unfuctional. There is quite a bit that can be automated. Formatting Is elementery…

Thats it


Reply to @seemydeath: Wickedly brutal & to the point… hot stuff. Thanks for your input.


Reply to @vedmak: I’m not too worried about it. Becoming a mod is insanely unlikely and this forum is already "fragglesrock"ed enough that “freedom of speech” is almost as ambiguous as the ToS. :wink:

As far as benefits, I’d only have to make more than $15 per month for it to be more valuable than being a seller!


Reply to @vedmak: I think that was my error, it is a legal disclaimer.

What is it about suggestions then that is an improvement on rants? Will the contents actually get read by Fiverr by the year 2015 or is this just pure fantasy to think anything will get noticed at all (unless of course I deliver the results to them personally with statistics, i.e. 100% of those surveyed thus far make valid points & constructively contribute solution ideas to those problems faced, for free)? …& so on.


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