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What triggers buyer requests to disappear from the "active" list?

As a new seller, I have a question about Active Buyer Requests. What actually triggers them to disappear from your list? One moment, there will be a bunch of BRs showing in the list, but if you refresh a few minutes later, then many of them will have disappeared. Others seem to hang around for longer.

I am just trying to understand the mechanics of how this works :slight_smile:


Interesting Q.

I have assumed time or number of responses but really have no idea so eager to know if anyone knows


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Hi. As per my knowledge due to lots of offer sent to buyers that’s why request’s are disappeared and it depends upon seller level as well. If I am not wrong. Thanks

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The trigger is described in the help section.

Active BR can get only certain offers from new sellers, once the quota is crossed, the BR is only visible to Level 1 2, and the rest can still send offers.

So on one BR, a certain number of new levels can apply, then the system blocks them and gives level 1 a certain amount and then level 2…

If you are a new seller, you only see a BR fragment and only a couple of times during a day. With level 1, you get to see more, and they do not disappear.


Thank you for your answer. That makes perfect sense to me :slight_smile:


Thanks. That makes more sense.

Shoulda RT frying pan Manual



thanks for your valuable answer.