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What Type of Gigs Sell More on Fiverr?

Simply asking from the experienced Fiverr seller.

You’ll have to figure that out on your own. I don’t think many successful sellers are going to share which gig types and gig categories are the most successful for them, because that then opens the door for competition (which, in turn, might lower those seller’s sales in that category).

Instead of asking which categories are the most profitable (so that you can hypothetically “get in on the action”), focus on determining what skills YOU are good at, and sell those services in your gigs.

Fiverr is a skilled services freelance platform, not a get-rich-quick website.


but I see that your main gig is titled “I will teach You How to Increase Your Sales on Fiverr for $5”. So maybe you should be offering your secret tips for quick success on this Forum. Many would like to know :slight_smile:

all the best with sales!

Even if you found something that somehow sells “all on its own,” you’ll never make a lot of money if you trust in Fiverr to bring all the customers to you. Fiverr isn’t an end, but a means to an end.

So true…

Reply to @happyspace:
Hi there, thanks for watching me. I know how to PROMOTE and will do strong SEO backlinks as well as on page SEO, but really don’t know which types of Gig sell more! I could really help sell more, but it doesn’t mean that I know what my question was. Regards.

Reply to @wikidollar: OK, I see :slight_smile: Anyway to offer one or two tips to the forum, would not hurt and it would bring you more views and comments I think.

But, to the point, as written by Fiverr, the general advise to all users is to create original and unique gigs. Then what you usually gain (at least) is to get your gig on the first page of its category.