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What type of image should select for gig


I am not a top rated seller but I have some ideas that I want to share with all of you.

May be it should gave some help to getting orders for all Sellers.

We should select an eye catching image that attract the buyers.

Image should be select that is describing all about your gig. We should pick that pic which is different from other gig images…

Think like a buyer If you will be a buyer then what type of image you like to buy

Then you will make a gig that most of buyer want and like…

Take some ideas from top rated seller…

what their gigs describing and what are the ideas of them…

I think if you follow these things you can get some orders

That’s an image that i make.


Images are less effective than videos, I’m in the process of upgrading all my images to videos.


you can see some of top rated seller have not attached any video but they are in top rated sellers.


I’m new to selling on Fiverr but from my observations of the most successful people in my niche, a combination of videos of themselves and proof videos (samples of their work) seems to be most effective.


May be you are right