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What type of machine learning related work you receive at fiverr?

I am a new seller at fiverr, I was just wondering what type of work is frequently asked by buyer related to machine learning or deep learning ?

Your experience might help many new comers like me, Thanks.

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You might find it best to do a little research on your own. Look through the appropriate service categories on Fiverr, and see what’s out there, and what buyers are buying.


I have been doing that for months now and yes it helped.
But still listening from someone who actually works would help better.
Thanks for your comment.

Anyone who has this insight will not share it because they’d be giving their secrets to competitors which you could then use to get business they would have gotten.

The way to get insights on what buyers like is to do the research yourself.


You could also quite frequently check what buyers are asking for in the buyer request page for that category/subcategory.