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What type of Paypal account is best to create?


Hello, I’m quite new to Fiverr, and a bit new to PayPal. Since I live in Portugal I usually use a service named MBNet to pay for all my on-line shopping, so I never needed PayPal before.

Should I create a normal PayPal, or a business PayPal? I’d really appreciate the advice/input from other members.

Regards, Miles.


I was under the impression paypal business takes up to 3% of your earnings but I guess I was mistaken…


can you let us know what is the difference of the charges? Actually if you were to withdraw more than $50 to your paypal account, you will only be charged $1. So that is kinda cheap actually if you withdraw about $100 or above as you will only be deducted $1


With my knowledge i believe creating a business paypal account would be the better option as you are gonna be receiving payments and it will save you a lot of some charges so i think a business account will be best.


Reply to @danielzo: Thank you, I shall opt for the normal one then. My doubt was due to having some friends with small on-line stores that picked the other.


A normal Paypal account should be fine.

Business accounts are usually used between companies.