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What Type Of Profile Picture Is Best for a Seller?

Hello, I’m still very new here and learning the swing of things. I’m not one who likes to share my whole face on social media and prefer to keep to an abstract image or drawing. My current profile image I am using is a line drawing I had made of my eyes from a gig I purchased here.

My questions is, what is the best type of profile picture to use as a seller?

I see so many portraits, is this most appropriate to gain the trust of a buyer? Sometimes I see a seller and think that really can’t be what that person looks like in real life. Is that even ethical to trick your buyer by placing an image of an attractive person (not you) as your profile shot? Should I relate an image that best speaks to the type of gigs I sell?

Any ideas or suggestions on what a seller should be aware of when choosing their profile picture?


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Welcome to Fiverr and congratulations for your first order!
Well… you will see lots of profiles with pictures of celebrities, good looking women, good looking men, cartoons, logos, etc…etc…
In my opinion, most important of all is not to steal random pictures on Google and use them as if it were your own, because that’s like identity theft (not really but almost…:wink: ). On the other hand, I don’t know if using a picture of any celebrity will help either… there are people who love some actor/actress/singer, but others that hate them!
Be yourself. If you don’t like to share your picture so openly, then you can use a cartoon, or some art on it (like in my picture), so you cannot be “recognizable”… like on the street someone would point the finger at you saying “OMG! That’s the Top Rated seller of Fiverr!!” :sweat_smile:
I believe most important of all is the quality of the job you do. Independently of what your picture looks like, I don’t think at all that buyers will place an order because you have a sexy picture on your profile… here the most serious buyers come from companies or businesses that won’t have time to “flirt” but a lot of stress to get things professionaly done!


It’s not just unethical, it’s copyright infringement. If a seller with a stolen profile photo offers any kind of design, it also makes the buyers think that everything they buy from that seller might be stolen, too.

For a seller who wants to look like a professional, there are a few good choices: a good photo of themselves, a cartoon of themselves, or a logo/drawing/illustration they have created themselves (as in, created from scratch, not just used a template and written their name over it or something). For those who offer design services, using their own logo/drawing/illustration as a profile picture is a great opportunity to showcase their skills (if they have any).


I think I am an attractive person. :worried: I think so, anyway :confused: Comments, everyone? :fearful:


Hahaha, I guess I should have been more clear in that statement. I mean to swipe an image from the web of someone else and posing as your iconic fiverr image.

That’s unethical, and if you don’t have the right to use that image, it’s also copyright infringement.

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  1. Real picture. If you live in Pakistan, and you use a picture of a blond from Sweden, that makes me wonder “if he’s lying with his picture, is he also lying about his abilities?”

  2. A picture against a white wall or any background that isn’t distracting. It can be you at the beach, the park, or at home.

  3. If you’re shy about your looks, then don’t do a close up picture like a head and shoulders, or one from the waste up. Instead do a full body.

  4. An activity picture- you on a horse, or swimming, or doing something interesting. This is optional of course.

  5. If you really want to be super professional, wear a suit and tie. Of course, this advice might apply more to lawyers than a creative person.

  6. If you’re a business, your business logo should work fine. Not everyone needs a personal profile picture.


I think you are attractive, and your profile picture against a gray background is perfect. However, I would change your SEO Optimized Original gig picture to something else. Maybe you in front of the computer typing. Or do another picture like your profile picture, but with a smile.

You know what I’d like to see? You riding an elephant. I hear elephants are sometimes used in Indian weddings, so that could be an awesome shot.

  1. An image that you own ( don’t just randomly take an image online)
  2. An image that best represents you or your gig. It doesn’t have to be a photo of yourself in my opinion. In my case I drew a picture of myself because I offer illustration gigs. If you are a writer but you don’t want to show a photo of yourself, maybe a photo of a pen? Or hire someone to create your own original logo. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but that’s my lucky pic, got me over 1250 reviews and 1900-2000+ sales :slight_smile: So don’t want to change that.


Well, can’t argue with that. You could always save that old picture if you ever want to make a change. But then again, if it’s working, why mess with it?

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Hello thecla_tech,

by far the best picture is one of your face. Specialists in advertising know that a face in any type of ad or commercial will result in successful sales more than any other type of picture.

Our brains are wired to respond to faces. The neurons fire in excitement when shown any picture of a face so that is your best bet. And of course make sure it is your own. People like to see who they are dealing with and it gives them confidence.


Well, it depends on the service you are offering. If you are providing a Logo Design service, it is best to add an appealing logo of your business while it would be great if you add a caricature if you are offering Cartoons & Caricatures.

you should upload your own image or logo

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