What type of search algorithm fiverr using?


I couldn’t understand what type of search algorithm fiverr using because I seen my gig in the first page in morning, after 3-4 hours the same gig showing in 3rd page using same keyword I used to search before.


They use a search algorithm where you see your gig at top first and at the bottom later. This is exactly the algorithm they use.


They’re probably rotating (or possibly some random element) gig search positions every so often so that more people’s gigs get shown, as well as probably taking into account other factors like user stats (number of cancellations, level etc.), ratings (public and private), whether they’ve just delivered an order, whether it was on time etc. As well as the fact that edited gigs will disappear from search for a while.


Oh really…ha ha ha, thanks for reply.


I wonder if simply looking at where your gig is listed makes it drop to the bottom? Maybe we shouldn’t do that.


This is funny but the scary thing is that it might actually be true.


A very wobbly bobbly, wishy washy one


If you are on the buyer mode on mobile or you are on desktop and you search using a keyword you will see the result. Why we should not do that?


I think the buyer and seller modes are just for when you look at your profile.


I often do that for do some research and also check my gigs ranking using different browser. So why should not do that ? What’s wrong?