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What type of social media can improve my gig?

I heared that twitter and linkedin is the best for share your gig. But there are many social media, except twitter and linkedin what should use?


:arrow_up: This is not true at all. The best place to advert your gig is where your target customers are located. It can be on any website… Doesn’t matter.

Your focus should be to market your gig to the target audience (wherever they may be). To find this out, you will have to do your own market research.

Unfortunately, it is never as easy as blindly spamming links to your gig on some social media platform like Twitter or whatever.

Good luck!


These two are quite great platforms to get potential buyers, but you should make the texts attractive so that s/he clicks on the link.

The rest, you gig description should help


facebook, some blog marketing like Reddit,quara

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Thanks, Got It. Location based SEO Will help me right?

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How true is the social media network? Not sure.
But there are no other options than social media.
Anyhow, the vendor’s business is finding the market
Hence, you have to act decisively and patiently to find the market

Social media only helps to increase clicks and impression until you target you niche. But its really helpful you can use Quora and other forums and search questions based on your niche and refer the users then.

You can also use paid promotion to target the users and it will really help you to convert rather than just sharing you gig on your profile or pages because most probably we have own friends who really don’t need such things.

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