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What type of words I can't use in fiverr?

What type of words I can’t use in fiverr?


The ones that suggest that you will break fiverr Terms of service



Seems like you have passed English test on Fiverr and working for 7-8 months but still doesn’t know to write Fiverr instead of Fiber?

It was a typing mistake. There is nothing serious about it

There is edit option as well. Why didn’t you edit it then?

In what context are you referring? In your gig? In communication with buyers?

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When talking to the buyer

Take a good look. I edited.

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Well, be polite, don’t use rude or unkind words, and make sure you are aware of what the TOS states are against the rules. Suggesting things that go against Fiverrr’s rules could result in moderated comments (i.e., comments that go into review).

You can find the link to the TOS at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.

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Thank you …

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You’re welcome. …

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