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What? Unsolicited offer

I do writing gigs.

Thus, I was surprised to see this unsolicited offer in my inbox:

My dr,
Great offer for you…
2 orders will be writing for you only in $5.

If you want any script writing a short story or any subjects any topic any types, I will be writing for you 500 words only in $5 just in 2 hours, please order me.


  1. Why would I buy this service? It’s what I do!
  2. Does this individual actually get any orders for writing gigs with his demonstrated writing ability?



There are a few mindless idiots out there so just ignore them.


you are right! some people misuse fiverr

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People really do misuse fiverr. I’ve been sent messages before from what I suspected were rivals trying to make my response rate go down. Annoying

If this was a person actually writing all that stuff they sound like they need to get checked out by a professional.

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You’d be amazed at how many writers on 5r can’t write. I did 6 BR for 9 articles - each a different subject. 75% of the bidders had incorrect grammar, horrible punctuation (or non-existent) and incoherent sentences.

I had no idea what they were trying to say. Every single one of them were writers who said they are fluent or native English speakers. I should at least understand what they were bidding.

There is a good chance the person who sent you that offer thinks she/he is a good writer!


Here’s the kicker, some of them might actually be native English speakers. Have you been on Instagram lately? Being a native English speaker doesn’t even remotely guarantee that they can actually write content …or coherent sentences surprisingly.


The funny thing is, that English is a simple language, and quite easy to master (no gender, no cases). I am more comfortable speaking in English while talking to Serbians and Croatians (why? because my Serbo-Croatian grammar sucks, I don’t know the cases. Those two languages are 80% the same as Macedonian, which is my native language).

Grammarly doesn’t find any grammar issues in my writing. I know that it isn’t perfect, but I do believe my grammar is great. However, I should work a lot more on my style. :slight_smile:

  1. There are a lot of resellers here in fiverr. For example I sell my service for $50 and sometimes I get orders from other sellers who got the order for $100. So they pay me $50 and get $50 for themselves for nothing.
    I do something like this as I work on animation videos and I nees voice overs and script writing. I charge my customer relatively higher amount and then buy it from others. Why higher? Well of the buyer cancel the order I will be hammered!

  2. Sure they get orders. Sometimes I need a script and I dont have anytime to do it myself. So I buy it from others. English speakers often charge high amount of money so I buy it from others like the one who contacted you.
    Everyone is happy and life goes on :slight_smile:

English isn’t as easy as you think.


1,500 square feet

There are times you use the hyphen, and times you don’t use it. Same goes with possessives, and if you think it’s no big deal, you haven’t worked in advertising where everyone is waiting for the copywriter to make a mistake so they can gang up on him.

The days of having a proofreader fix your work are over. Today, all copywriters/journalists are expected to have perfect spelling and grammar 100% of the time. If an advertising agency does have a proofreader, he will complain if you make too many mistakes, because you’re making him work more!

That is why foreigners in America are better off seeking careers where there isn’t too much writing. Become engineers, biologists, chemists, IT, etc. Advertising? Only for art directors, nobody expects them to be able to spell anything.


English is a lot simpler than German for example.

I meant that English is one of the easier languages to master. In German, you have cases, genders for each noun… Personally, I don’t say it was easy as 1-2-3 to learn English, but it was not that hard either. I know that I commit some #wordcrimes. :slight_smile:

Currently, I am working on improving my style, and building a stronger vocabulary. Simultaneously, I do work on mastering the grammar. I hope that in 6-8 months it would be near perfect.

In this particular message, Grammarly found 3 styling issues.

Let’s get back to the problem the OP has - an unsolicited offer in his inbox.

Please just report and block the sender. It’s a different technique employed by spammers to Fiverr users who are sellers. It’s a pain in the neck, and they need to be reported please. :sunny:

Their lack of skills is secondary to the problem of them sending unsolicited offers.


So common now a days. I can remember, once upon a time i provide whiteboard explainer video. Someone came and proposed me to give me 5000 svg on videoscribe. And said $5 is nothing to me. :smile: i replied i have one million, i want to give you all for free :wink:

I once tried to teach a native German speaker English and she was already fairly proficient but I could never explain to her satisfaction why some words have the letters ough, such as thought, though, cough, etc. She demanded an explanation and as far as I know, there is none.

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There is no reason. They were implemented into Old English from a Germanic language. Nobody even knows how they came to be pronounced differently because they weren’t originally.

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Ironically, German is a lot easier than French and Spanish. I know because I speak Spanish and I’m learning German. German is very similar to English, there are some words that are the same.

The only annoying thing about German is those long compound words. Ironically, English does have some compound words, but not like German. We say “dog house,” they write “hundehaus.”

German is also pronounced the way it’s written, except for a few words. English it’s pronounced in all kinds of ways. The natives of Ooltewah, Tennessee pronounce it “oo-too-wah.” In Boston, Massachusetts, they drop the r in Harvard. In Brooking (NY), “how you doing” become “how you doin.”

Yeah, different dialects are common in every language. Have you gotten to the cases in German (akusativ, dativ, genitiv)?

English might be tougher to master, but it is easy to get a decent knowledge in a short period. It’s was a lot easier for me, German was tough. :slight_smile:

I haven’t gotten to that part yet. But I like how to make a word past, you put “ge” behind it. So trinkt becomes getrank.

Anyway, we better stop talking about it before a moderator complains that we’re not being relevant to the topic.


No, in comparison to other languages, English is very simple. I’m not saying it doesn’t have its own difficulty level that makes you want to bang your head against a wall, but as a second or third language? Not as hard as other languages.

…and done for real.

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English does have some advantages, no genders, no accents, no need to start a question with the question symbol like we do in Spanish. However, anyone who has worked as a copywriter in both English and Spanish will tell you that this industry is full of grammar nazis, and they will treat you like a POS if you make a spelling or grammar mistake. I don’t care how many times you proofread your own work, unless you catch 100% of mistakes (and not everyone does), you will get yelled at if you missed something.

English is easy for those who don’t write for a living. Flight attendants, waiters, executives, English is easy for them. For copywriters? English is hard, the same goes for other languages.