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What use is the Sellers Review/Rating?

Hello Fiverrs,

This is just me thinking out loud.

I have just delivered a job to a buyer, and she left a 5 star rating, and a good review as well. Of course, I had to rate and review her too, but I’m just wondering what use these ratings/reviews are since they are not shown to Sellers when contacted by buyers.


These ratings are taken into consideration before an individual may decide to purchase a gig from you

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I was sure to rate my buyer (one gig order to date) for the good communication and swift marking of the gig completion, and anything else that he did that I appreciated. I felt it would give him a good reputation with sellers when he went to buy here again. Even though as you said these reviews are not shown to Sellers when contacted by buyers , maybe we can visit a buyer’s profile to see their ratings?


Yes, if these reviews/ratings can be seen by sellers, they’ll help sellers know how best to deal with a buyer when contacted.

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You got me wrong, I’m talking about the review/rating a seller gives to a buyer after the buyer must have reviewed/rated the seller.

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I think it’s just courtesy. They feel good too if you give them 5 stars and increases the chances to come back and buy from you.

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Yes, courtesy. But sellers would know which buyers to avoid if sellers could be shown these ratings/reviews.

Just the same way a buyer wouldn’t want to buy from a seller with poor ratings and bad reviews, if shown it would tell sellers which buyers to be wary of.

I know. I’m on the same page as you.
My theory is that Fiverr won’t add visible ratings to buyers becuase this might affect the “business”. Fiverr wants new buyers all the time and those reviews might scare them and avoid using the website…

Anyway, those ratings would help a lot though.

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I always use them to mention the type / niche / topic of service I delivered. For example, I might write something like “It was a pleasure to create this article on business accounting for you.” If another buyer comes along who needs a business accounting article written, and sees I got awarded five stars for similar content, the chances are they will buy from me.


You’re a great guy indeed. I never thought it this way. This is another great way to market one’s self.

Permit me to adopt your style buddy :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


You’re absolutely right. I like what @paulmaplesden does, I’ll start doing same.

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Whatever works :slight_smile: Feel free to reuse.

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that help us promote our gig faster or chance to have an order

Review/Rating also represent your quality, your reputation.

I like it. But who is really going to call out a buyer in a review since that would show up on your review as a seller.

Reviewing your buyer is a really great tool actually.

  1. It allows for some clarification and dare I say even some backdoor bragging. You can clarify on what was delivered, show you are a positive person, if there was a tight deadline that you met, etc.

  2. In the event of an unfair/poor review on the buyer’s end, you get to calmly and professionally, clear things up and tell your side of the story. (never by bad-mouthing your buyer though)

  3. It’s yet another chance for you to do some much needed SEO, by stating in clear keywords what was delivered, which service was rendered.


I never thought about this. Are you saying the fiverr search engine would pick up the keywords in our responses? Should we put the keywords in every response, or every other one?


It gets picked up.

But like your gig’s description, spamming keywords will hurt your position.

It took me months to find my personal recipe.

And a few other tricks as to what also gets picked up by the algorithm. :wink:


This is absolutely my philosophy when leaving buyer reviews - I don’t know if it categorically improves things, but it can’t hurt…


Another great response.

I’m learning here everyday.

Thanks a lot, I’m surely implementing these.