What value can I add to my gig?


So upon the advice of one of the regulars here, eoinfinnegan (thanks btw!), I’ve made a new gig that far more clearly explains what I offer and how I’ll do it.

Here’s my new gig for reference:

For those of you who might not be able to see the link, it’s Instagram management using user engagement. Customers get a free account evaluation when they order the standard run and all out blitz package, and I grow their account for up to a month.

If you were customers, what would you guys like to see added into the gig to make it worth buying?


Seller social media followers is against the rules of Fiverr. They have been deleting gigs (sometimes even accounts) of people who try to sell this service.

it is against the rules of Fiverr because it goes against third party rights (i.e., the social media sites don’t like it when people try to sell user numbers on their sites).

I recommend that you remove this gig, and find something else to sell that wouldn’t get your account in trouble with Fiverr’s rules.


But I’m NOT selling social media followers? I’m selling Instagram management.

EDIT: Thanks for replying by the way.


Just to clarify, I recommend not talking about gaining followers whatsoever. You cannot control real people so you can’t make a claim that you will grow followers.

Managing social media accounts should be done in a real and natural way. When providing this service you should talk about HOW you will manage it, not about the results. Aside from anything else, saying you will grow the account by hundreds of followers means that if you don’t manage that, the order will not be complete and therefore should be cancelled.


Oh, okay then.

Guess I’ve got more editing to do. Thanks for replying!