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What verbal methods are within ToS to communicate with buyers?

I have a potential buyer who says he’s not a ‘typer’ and doesn’t want to type out his requirements. It’s a colleague of a previous buyer so I don’t want to turn the gig away because of the potential for more work for that organisation.
What options are available within the ToS to communicate verbally with the buyer?

I actually would decline it if I were presented with this. It is very much to your advantage to have all communication in writing.
You can ask customer support to allow you to use Skype with a client.

I’m not keen to decline and for this gig I think verbal comms and screen-sharing will help save a lot of time getting the requirements right. I didn’t realise I could ask customer support. I will try that. Thanks.

I’m not saying this will happen in this case, but he could say you promised him something that you did not. Since nothing was written to show customer support they would give him a refund.

Perhaps you could ask Customer Support if you can use screensharing software where you link up via URLs to discuss whatever. No personal details would need to be shared, and you can burble over the top of whatever you’re showing over the screen. Plus, there would be something for CS to check if things went south.

That said, I’d decline on grounds of coming to a website where this functionality isn’t on offer and being insistent on over-complicating it. I’ve had clients who “don’t like to type” eye roll and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Ask him to record it as mp3 or a video. I had a client send me instructions as an mp3.
That said, if there are a lot of instructions this can be very tedious as you pretty much have to transcribe everything he says. Be sure to mention this to them and if necessary add an additional fee for it, chances are he will learn to type if there is an additional fee :slight_smile:

I think Fiverr will add a feature in the near future that is similar to Upwork’s buyer and seller communication that allows users to communicate in more ways than one. Sometimes it is not easy for buyers to fully express what they need in words or some just lack the capacity to write good explanations. Some buyers also don’t understand Fiverr’s guidelines so they will leave their phone number and say “call me and I can give you the details.” Screen sharing and/ or live voice chat is a feature I hope to see soon - it will make a lot of sellers lives easier.

I did suggest uploading something to youtube to him. The additional fee for transcribing the requirements and getting agreement is a good idea that I hadn’t thought of.

Not all of us want somebody mumbling a poorly articulated sermon about what they want! You can already screenshare!

It won’t make seller’s lives easier. It will make “oh, I can’t type. I peck, like a hen and it’s so tedious” buyers think it’s OK, and then expect the same consideration from other sellers with no indirect relationship through other customers. I want a simple, to the point brief. Not War and Peace: The Fiverr Edition Audiobook.

Besides, you’ve neglected Upwork’s rather “hands off” approach when it comes to dispute management when it comes to that Skype evidence. Oh noes–and guess who will win that dispute? Unless Fiverr makes its own chat client (which it kind of has for its random announcements from CS), or ponies up for a third party to provide one… nope. Document EVERYTHING.

Nice job

Time to buy the reading glasses, boyo.

^^^ My thoughts exactly. @capitalquality: If the client isn’t willing to go the extra mile to help you help their business, your gig and future gig’s IMHO are going to suffer as your mindset is enslaved that this is how it’s going to be…

I always decline any other type of communications but fvrs very own. Always respect the TOS and don’t ever try to bend them. The question comes down for you, how important for you continue selling in on fiverr, rather than pleasing a single customer.? use your head, maybe?

I wouldn’t go outside Fiverr’s ToS, or bend the rules. No point. But I would like a way to communicate with this client that suits both of us.

Use my ideas pronto, because you’re really dragging your feet in these negotiations.

Bending the rules is fun, do it anyway. Just don’t stray too far from the rule.

lol. Luckily the customer only seems to be online about once a week :slight_smile:

You are so very very wrong,

If by exactly. you meant “exactly wrong” Then I agree with you. Clients don’t go the extra mile…you do. Or not and be broke. up to you.