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What video format should I deliver?


Hi, I was wondering to all those sellers who create videos for people, what would be the best video format to deliver your gig? avi, mpg, mp4, wmv? other?



WMV is a bad format for us Mac users unless you have something like flip installed, but as @Madmoo says MP4 is good or MOV is always as universally accepted, MOV Is my chosen format H264 encoded.


I normally send my preview output as .WMV format. It is my favorite format because it has loads of options and presets which allow me to tweak the size of my preview file low without losing too much details. If it is a MAC, I opt for .MP4. When I deliver my final work, .MOV is my obvious choice (with animation, photo-jpeg or H264 compressor). Sometimes I have delivered output as .TGA sequences also.


I always use .MOV, which is Apple Quicktime, and it works well on both Mac and Windows.


yay! Thank you for your responses. This helps a lot. So I will probably go with mp4 as default. since my video converter doesn’t do .mov.


Mp4 is best


I always use .avi


This is the format !

H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format

1280x720 resolution

44.1KHz Stereo MP3 or AAC audio :)>-


I’m with the others who suggest MP4. The format works across most players, Windows, Mac and mobile devices and compresses fairly well while maintaining quality. Certainly better than .avi (usually much too large to deliver anyway) or something like .wmv or .mov (which sometimes require specific players that a user may not have). When quicktime isn’t working on my PC it seems to hate .mov files. I never have a problem with MP4 regardless of which machine or player I’m using. I think all of the video sharing sites accept MP4 as a standard feature, so your buyers won’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll be able to upload to Youtube vs. Vimeo vs. any of the others.


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Another vote for MP4s. :slight_smile:


.mp4 is my best choice :slight_smile:


.mp4 H264!