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What Was My Mistake? :(

Hi Guys,

My name is Awais & I’m was a Level 1 Seller yesterday : (

I will share the worst experience of mine on the platform of Fiverr. On November 1st I received an order from a buyer & after just 2 minutes he canceled the order claiming it was by mistake. He claimed that he was trying to check the payment method & without knowing he replaced the order.

What can I do now?

I agreed to cancel his order & then my order completion went to 80% according to the last 60 days as per criteria. I contacted Customer Support to fix my order completion because it was not my mistake. Why I am facing a punishment of someone else’s mistake. I got the reply that we have gone through all the chat & we are very sorry for what has happened to you but we can’t fix this because they are not controlled by us. It’s an algorithm or whatever you say a program handles this & there is no way to correct it manually.

And my reaction was What? Seriously?

Fiverr should upgrade themself from partial behavior towards sellers. Every time the buyer does a mistake they will reply we are sorry for what has happened.

I’m not getting the point of partial behavior towards sellers.

And Thanks to Customer Support because of that stupid mistake by a buyer I lost my Level 1 Seller Badge because on evaluation time my order completion was 89%.

Thank you Support Thank you : (


Sorry to know that. Buyer should be more sensible.

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@khademul115 Absolutely

I wonder if the solution for those who place orders by “mistake” (I have had those in the past too, and they are really annoying), is to contact Fiverr help and ask them to cancel the order and why. Perhaps they could help us avoid getting pelted when someone is button clicking happy.

I love the shirt you are wearing in your pic - very pretty!


Yeah i just lost my level one because of not responding to Sellers not buyers - Doh!

Getting really fed up with Fiver as been with them from the start - over 11 Years

I’m not sure what these means. Only the first message from ANYONE affects your response rating. There is no separation between buyer and seller messages. All first-time message affect you the same (unless it is spam that Fiverr has already taken care of, in which case, you’ll see a message stating that that message won’t affect your rating).

Yup. They should now give us an option to whether we allow buyers to place a direct order or contact us first. I think this way can avoid these issues.

And @genuineguidance Thank you for the compliment about the shirt : )

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@jonbaas Is right at it’s point. You @geoffmatthe should be very careful for the first message to reach by anyone in your inbox.

In order for the buyer to be able to cancel his order, you had to say yes and accept his cancellation request. So cancellation isn’t actually his fault. You said yes. The stat drop is unfortunate, however, you can raise that above 90% by completing more orders. Your rating likely dropped so drastically because you have no other recent orders.

I understand your frustration, but this is not Fiverr’s “stupid mistake”, because they chose not to interfere in a buyer/seller issue. It is merely an issue of mathematical percentages. If you complete more orders in the next 30 days, you should be able to easily be re-promoted to Level 1.


Yes, I perfectly know it was me who accepted the cancellation after two days because there was no other option left. He was not providing me anything that I should animate & send him the deliver. If I didn’t accept the cancellation the order will be canceled automatically after three days. The support also said to cancel the order otherwise it will be canceled in the next three days automatically. There was no option left.

I didn’t say stupid to Fiverr. The stupid word was for the buyer.

Yes I know I will be promoted to Level 1 again after even just one more order in the next 30 days. There were less recent orders because I shoot for bigger orders & chooses those videos which I find challenging.

There are a few advantages that came with seller badge I lost all of them because of that buyer’s mistake. I have to wait now for one month so I receive my badge again because the order was “canceled”

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Ok, let me tell you what i did when i was in the same situation so maybe it can be helpful to you in the future. My buyer mistakenly placed an order twice and she sent me request to cancel 1 order from it. I decline that request and told her to give me 24 hours so i can talk to support agent of fiverr. She agreed for that and i sent mail to fiverr support that buyer has placed an order by mistake and i do not want that affect my stats as it was not my mistake at all. I let them know my situation in respectful manner and they said that they will remove that order from their side without affecting my stats. Buyer was happy that she got her money back, i was happy that my stats were the same as before. Simple. :beers:


@valentinaslogo Well, I’m not sure if Customer Care has some personal issues with me lol. I also contacted the support but they replied it’s not controllable by us. :man_shrugging:

Considered your words & will be careful for next time. Thank you for your words & guide : )

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Not at all , but you did contact CS after you accepted cancel request and i did before.


I believe this depends on the Fiverr rep that answered your ticket. At times they agree to do this for the seller, at times they don’t.

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I had two buyers order my gig by mistake this month. I allowed both request for cancellation to run its due course and cancel automatically. Luckily for me, they both had no effect on my stats (or maybe not just yet). So, if fiverr rep doesn’t agree to cancel for you, just allow the request run out and cancel by itself.

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After reading all of this comments, I think fiverr should take a look at their system. when a buyer mistake something then it shouldn’t punish to the seller.

They have the ability to alter the system so that “ordered by mistake” doesn’t count towards seller stats (I thought someone said they had changed it to do that but it seems not). It’s a problems with the system really, and if they don’t want to change the code/set-up of how it works, CS should really make it so that what isn’t the fault of the seller doesn’t count against them/doesn’t cause a demotion.

You should had contacted to CS and informed them about your issue before agreeing on cancellation. This is my personal experience, when buyer placed an order mistakenly, I contacted to CS and they cancelled the order(without affecting my stats).

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If they did it, seller who did a bad job would demand that the buyer chooses “ordered by mistake” as the cancellation reason, or even trick the buyers that it’s the only way to get a refund.


Then Fiverr/CS have the option to give some sort of warning (of whatever severity) if they wanted if sellers tell buyers to select “ordered by mistake” when it wasn’t ordered by mistake etc.