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What was the first thing you bought with your fiverr Money ? :D

Its just a question to invest my money on good things :stuck_out_tongue: so i am asking you all what was the first thing you got from your fiverr money :slight_smile: or what is the Schedule of withdrawing your money from fiver and managing it ?

Excited to listen to what you have to say :smiley:

Same here. I’ve been using the my earnings to support my family. Fiverr helped me a lot from day 1 that I’ve joined. Especially when my family was recovering from the typhoon hayain last year.

Reply to @kjblynx: xD so you have been investing it to a cherry flavoured coke ! i never had that :stuck_out_tongue: i was thinking to save it and buy a iPad Air :3 or may be go to a summer vacation in a different country :smiley: what do you think ? :wink:

Reply to @scja16: Oh thats really nice to hear :slight_smile: Well Family support is always the first thing for me too :slight_smile:

(O.O ooo , @kublynx whispers but i just do that as my stupid habit innocent smile i will try to avoid it next time :smiley: )

I bought gigs :slight_smile: I’m still buying them.

Reply to @kissreviews: I can’t wait to do the same. It is such a morale booster for those first starting out. :sunglasses:

To answer the OP. I have a large debt to pay off from things like my car breaking down and my dog needing operations. Stuff that the best of us can’t budget for or foresee.

I have not actually had any Fiverr revenue clear yet but will be slowly chipping away at that debt, so we can breathe a bit easier as a family.

After that is gone, I’ll be getting myself a small car to do the school runs in, which will give me more time to work.

Better get those gigs going hadn’t I? I think I’ll need at least about 2000 gigs, haha.

Reply to @cariad: Best of Luck :slight_smile: Dont Forget ! Slow and Steady wins the Race :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Reply to @foxsquare: Thank you Foxsquare.

At least the opportunity is there for us to take.