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What was the Fiverr equivalent in the early 2000s or was there a Fiverr Equivalent

I’m just wondering what the Fiverr equivalent was in the early 2000s, just because I’m interested.

Like if people wanted things voiced over where would they go, myspace craigslist or somewhere else.

Or if they wanted to buy website views where would they go? I’m just curious.

Reply to @kjblynx: Not nearly as profitable for WHO?

The Sellers (on Guru, Elance, Odesk, etc)… or the Owners?

Micro jobs sites have always existed, Fiverr just happened to come up with a much easier to use interface. I used some in the past with great success,(some even surpassing Fiverr itself although they no longer exist.) and current freelancing sites are great to use still if you establish a good reputation and offer a niche’ enough service that people are looking for but otherwise are way too competitive. The issue that has been the biggest problem with most micro jobs sites is that they seem to like limiting what the seller can offer and rather only let buyers post up offers to essentially “bid” with others. It’s better this way with Fiverr where buyers in most cases come to you or you can give them an easy enough platform in order to market yourself to them. Essentially, it’s like a classifieds that is free with a picture and video to help you really stand out. :slight_smile: