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What was the funniest offer you got on Fiverr? Open discussion

Hello Fiverr Sellers! What was the funniest offer you got on Fiverr? :thinking:

My most funniest (and sad in one):
The user ordered 1 of our gigs. He provided all information and after our delivery, he left us 1 star review.
We did good work, his fanpage really grow up. After this happen, he just decided to cheat us without no reason. In this offer, he also said very inwerbal words (mostly n-word) which you wouldn’t want to see :grin:
From what I learned later, the same person orders all the concerts associated with Facebook fanpage promotion and then cancels all and getting money back. Ridiculous :confused:


I wish I could read it, but your screenshots are too blurry.

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Once you zoom them by clicking them, you can download them, or right click -> open image in new tab - you’ll see them at full size that way, they’re quite large :wink:

Note: the download link is below the image after you click on it to zoom it.


Hey, I do something like that on my phone . . . I take a screenshot save it to my pictures and then I can zoom in. Thanks, Woofy! :wolf:


I had a funny experience.


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Well, I once had a potential buyer tell me that he didn’t have much money, but he “really loved my gig, and really, REALLY wanted to work with me”. He wanted to know if I would give him a 97% discount on my then-$150 package, and sell him those services for only $5.

I politely explained that that package/service cost $150 for a reason. He didn’t seem to hear my logic, and continued trying to convince me that he was a poor guy with no money. I rolled my eyes at his disfunction, laughed at his lunacy, and proceeded to ignor his misguided persistence.

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Heh funny indeed. Seller fails to deliver in time, buyer waits until order goes ridiculously late then cancels. Automatic negative review gets posted. Seller gets confused and confronts buyer, buyer responds with an insult.
Funny part, seller reports the message - message goes up for review by trust and safety team - seller forgets the thread is queued for review and threats to damage the buyers reputation.


Yep. I tried to talk with him but no answer. Finally the delivery was about 3 days late, but it doesn’t matter when he used many unwerbal words.

What are “unwerbal words”?

I didn’t show it, but mostly n-words, a lot of vulgarisms :scream:

If the buyer was that rude, why did you choose to work with him?

He was rude after receive offer. Not because our service was bad, but we got a guy who was cheating other people. How can I know that the person before the order is a scammer? :laughing:

The buyer didn’t write that review, its posted by the system automatically when a late order is cancelled. Never ever let an order go late!

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Research. :wink:

I bid on a buyers request to sing a parody song he had written about President Trump. The buyer wanted it sang to the tune of Dean Martin’s, “That’s Amore’!” I sang "That’s A Moron!"
He liked it so much he tipped me $25 and gave me a 5 star review! I made $75 on just singing his anti-Trump song! I wish all my orders were that fun to do, and paid that well!


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I bet he also said something along the lines of “I REALLY like your work and I WANT THE BEST QUALITY and that’s why I’m asking you”

Too bad he didn’t know that quality comes at a certain price…:roll_eyes:

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