What was the large pop up in my todo list about?


Just now there was a big popup in my todo list when I clicked on it with a long message but it disappeared just as I tried to read it. It made a clicking sound when it popped up.

Does anyone else have this and if so what did it say?


Fiverr is for all doers. Let’s keep it that way.
Fiverr is an inclusive community that respects all different races, religions and backgrounds. Each of you brings your own expertise, passion and hustle to a marketplace that embodies a safe and pleasant space to engage and conduct business.
Recently, we’ve seen some of those core ideals put to the test on our marketplace, with some hateful and offensive speech coming to the surface. When these orders are fulfilled, we’re helping to promote those hateful messages and not holding ourselves accountable to Fiverr’s core values.
That’s not what Fiverr was created for, and it explicitly violates our rules. From our Terms of Service…
Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment and hate speech towards others. Writing abusively within our messaging system or fulfilling an order which contains abusive language or hate speech is also considered a violation of our Terms of Service.
We will continue to do what’s necessary to keep Fiverr accessible, safe and welcoming for everyone by enforcing our Terms of Service. Disregarding the Terms can result in having your account put on hold or even permanently disabled.
What You Can Do
As a member of our community, it’s your responsibility to be aware of these Terms, but more broadly, it’s your responsibility to act in a way that supports the community as a whole. Think about the consequences of your actions, and keep in mind that real people will be affected.
If you encounter speech that you don’t feel comfortable with or that you think violates the Terms of Service in Gig orders you receive, please flag them for Customer Support .
Fiverr is a place where creativity and productivity are nurtured, and we want to see everyone continue to keep pushing, growing and evolving. Let’s get there together.
Fiverr Team.

Pop up communication from fiverr about fiverr

It was from the jesus guy getting banned from fiverr… That whole ordeal. My best guess.


So everyone got it?
Does it immediately close up for everyone or just me?


I read it and then it closed or I closed it, I can’t remember. I copied this from @annai80 who posted it in the PDP thread


Thanks again. :slight_smile:


I got it, too. I think that everyone did (or will, when they log in).

It didn’t immediately close up, I closed it after reading it.


Hi Misscrystal :slight_smile:

I hope the day is treating you well.

I never got this pop up or error. may be you got your solution if not then contact with CS


Dear Miss Crystal:

Typically a pop-up of that nature is designed to disappear if you hit the Esc key or if you press the “X” on the top right corner.

Fiverr has enhanced that functionality by making it close if you hold your nose in just the right way or if you intentionally or unintentionally reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.

Stuff like that,

P.S. I predict that you’ll respond to this post with something along the lines of

This was a popup-popdown in that it went down as fast as it went up :blush:


This was a popup-popdown in that it went down as fast as it went up :blush: