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What was your best experience as a customer?


Our latest blog post talks about how delivering more than expected can help create business relationships with your customers. We’ve seen it a lot in tips and discussions here on the forum also.

As a customer of a store, online, or any retail experience, what was the best extra service or gift you received that made you want to come back to shop there again?


I enjoy it when the seller sticks with me all the way with open communication even after the sell. Not to spam or anything. You are building a relationship with that person and that can go along way.


madmoo took it all of my mouth <):slight_smile: and if I may add, seeing smiley faces in the shop, from the cleaner to the till attendant makes me want to come back, even if I have nothing to buy. :slight_smile:


I always deliver more than my buyer paid me to make my all buyer happy. Because if they will be happy with our service they will come back again. That is my policy of work and because of this my rating is 100% not s single negative comment because I love them and they love me back.


This is spot on. Initially I came to fiverr as a consumer. The guy who made my logo went through absolute hoops to appease the business logo I was in search of. I wanted to know what drove the guy to spend so much time on my task. Now I see that it becomes part of the obsession- the appeasement of clients. Does it grow your ranks? Sure…but it’s also very humbling when someone goes out of their way to say great things about you. It makes you add extra’s for free, spend more time on products and interact with people.

Here is the guy that I’m referring to


On Fiverr, my best experience as a customer was my first one, when I ordered an ebook cover for my first ebook. Seeing it for the first time blew me away. The seller did a GREAT job.

Outside of Fiverr, it was probably this little independent guitar store I went to for lessons, equipment and supplies when I was in high school. The owner knew me by name and was always giving me free guitar picks or other little things like that. I usually got a discount on my purchases too.

That was a while ago and I haven’t found a place like it since.

I will say, though, when I find a place (online or offline) that gives me great service, I’m fiercely loyal.


its not about the money, its the EXPERIENCE you are providing. You always have to be as helpful as possible and make sure that experience is POSITIVE. If you do that, orders will come and tips will follow and REPEAT customers will follow that. When you have a repeat customer that orders your gig and leaves you a tip everytime because they like you and value your service, THAT is the difference.


100% positive feedback should be your goal.


I think to leave the customer happy and updated is the most important, that way he will know that you are giving him an importance and you’re doing a hard work.