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What was your experience on fivere?

Hello. Hope you are doing WELL

I’m Ann and I joined this platform very recently. So, I would love to hear from YOU about your experience on Fiverr, especially about getting your first order and how it motivated you to keep doing the great work.
please guide me, how to receive the first order?
Maybe it turns my life from the dark side to the brighter side.
thank you so much.



i checked your Gig description and your english is not the best. People prefer freelancers with a good command of english. Try to use Grammary for correction. In your description you listed quick delivery three times as a perk. One time is enough. Focus on other unique selling points of your offer.

  • (…) make the work as soon as possible.
  • provide Quick and faster delivery services.

Your ADVISE was very helpful to me
Thank you

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