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What was your first month on fiverr like?

How were your sales? How fast did they improve? If there are any good stories or statistics, leave them in the comments below :slight_smile:

My first month was honestly… Interesting. I barely remember it but I do remember worrying about Level 1, then I earned it and like a month later it seemed I earned Level 2. It seems to pick up with time, at least I did for some time. Do worry, I am sure you will be fine! Next thing you know you will be Level 2 and selling like a mad man!

Hi I am Zimron from Sri Lanka and joined about 2 months ago. I had only 4 sales in my first month. I am trying hard to improve number of sales. :slight_smile:

Reply to @zimron89: How did you advertise? I find that the My Fiverr portion of the forum has helped me. I was discovered by someone who became a regular, and made most of my sales with him. Hope you can get more sales! :slight_smile:


I have no idea, that was like 3+ years ago for me. I believe I didn’t do all too much. I know i created my content writing gig in the first month as at the time I didn’t know what else to really sell and even back then(SEO one I believe I made in the 2nd month?), there was content writing gigs all over the place so I knew it must be popular. I didn’t bother adding videos until way later as I didn’t feel as though it was all that important but at the time I finally had added videos i had significant ranking increases. So… ADD a video, even if it’s just you saying a simple statement. The video itself is what helps sell, not exactly what you say in it but just simply because you’re placed higher in both search engines and Fiverr.