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What was your FIRST order and delivery feelings!

Hello FIVERR buddy’s,

This thread only for getting pleasure and inspiration… :slight_smile:

Let’s Share your first feelings when you got your first order and delivered your first work…! :slight_smile:

The first one was unbelievably great… Then the next was also awesome…I thought…Wow…I can almost do this full time… Then I posted an offer in the buyers request. It was an easy ms word job. Very easy, I thought… The logo had to be transferred from a scanned paper to the new word document. I am not a logo man, but tried my best at redrawing the logo. Every time I delivered, it was rejected and I had to do it over and over. After my 6th attempt and hours down the drain…I gave up…

I don’t know what happened thereafter - I don’t even know if I was paid my measly $5 for almost half a day’s work. I just let the buyer know I couldn’t do it and abandoned it. The order was automatically closed. I learned a valuable lesson here. Never take on a job if you are not 100% sure you can do it.

But to get back to the thread. The first order’s notification came through on my phone…It was purely shweet…

That’s great experience …

My first experience was from a buyer that told me he had received crap content previously and was testing out the waters with me. I sent him a sample and he ordered my very first gig. It was the most exciting experience with a dash of adrenaline for a newbie.

Seeing the “time to get busy” notification on my phone was cool - Yes! I’m a dork and proud of it. :slight_smile:

The buyer is one of my favorite regulars and I always make sure to over deliver on his orders as a token of appreciation - taking a chance on a newbie and all. All of my other buyers have been excellent to work with, as well. They all communicate on both a professional and friendship level. It’s great! I actually enjoy getting their messages.

Good luck!

  • Baddison :slight_smile:

really cool :slight_smile:

I had seen green light in my dashboard and notification after 1 month joining Fiverr. It was really cool feeling. It was an event banner. I design it within hour and deliver 2 design options. Just after 1 modification, order was completed. Just second day I got another order from this first buyer.

wawawawa it was great :slight_smile: