What was your highest single order amount?


Mine is $150. Not much I know :no_mouth:


Mine was a bit over $200 if I remember well. But I know some people in here have had orders worth $$ that cannot be mentioned here.

One cannot say what cannot be said, for that which cannot be said must not be mentioned.



LOL… first you showed us your 95% world domination map done in less than a year since sign up, and now a $5K order? I don’t know what to believe anymore :grin: Are you an avid user of the browser developer tools? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe you are indeed a God :triumph:


mine is $20 (20 charrrrrr)


I got 3 orders so far and the largest one was 50$.


The highest Order I got ever is $200


One order for 150 items, totalling in $350 (but split in 5 orders)


I got an order last month to make 18 plans for a website at a rate of 40$ per plan.
It’s my best deal yet but I had learned from the mistakes of people posted on the ranting pot so I divided it into 7 orders.

So far the best buyer I had but I felt sad that I was not able to use any of that work in my portfolio.


Y’all talking 'bout this?


Lol! Maybe some IT guys are actually getting this.
My brother works on Upwork and this is actually very real
I don’t know why but maybe buyers are not willing to spent so much on one person here.


27k? I am changing professions.


Sometimes I feel that too but I love my job and hobby.:grin:


50$ for one order… :slight_smile:


$50 for a 3hrs delivery


I had one client spend over $2500 which I divided into 3 orders to make it safer.
That said, I researched that client thoroughly, found out who they were, what they were doing, if the names of people I was dealing with on Fiverr were the names of people in the company. Obviously I did not contact them outside Fiverr, I just did some digging in their social media etc to ensure it was legitimate.

I regularly have orders of $200-400 as I focus more on large volume translation and proofreading orders instead of small gigs. The size of the order is not important as such, the rate you earn makes the difference. Someone who gets 100 x $5 orders could work less than me on one $500 order or vice versa.


Just wondering, how much do people charge to ghostwrite ebooks? I have ghostwritten a dozen ebooks, but the most I got was $250 - for 15,000 words. Maybe @miiila can tell.


Highest for me was 80$ :innocent:


275 USD for logo design.


I agree with Eoin.
It depends on what kind of service you offer and how long it takes to complete your orders.
My average is $300 per order (max so far $500), but I usually do 3-4 orders a month while some of my competitors charge 100-150 per order, but they complete over 20 orders a month.