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What was your initial experience like when you joined Fiverr?

I’m a new member of the Fiverr community. I just posted my first Gig. I’m really curious about what to expect.

How long did it take you to land your first Gig?

Do you have any advice for a newbie?

Thanks for giving my thread a second glance :blush:


You need to wait,
search keywords that are perfect for your gigs
write descriptions,make images(thumbnails),videos with perfection and good looking
add pdf about your details
give customer free bonus and satisfaction
hit the buyers request
be consistent it will work one day
make changes in your gigs after few days to know what works best
explore top rated similar services on fiverr and know what keywords they use,how they write description and every thing


Great advice @ali_haider125. I really appreciate it!

Thank you.

HI, welcome. The key from my experience is that you have to be careful not to get frustrated at the beginning. The hardest part is getting any visibility when you are starting. As you complete orders and get feedback the system starts to give you more visibility. So, here’s what I did, and it may be helpful for you.

  1. Edit your gig and make sure it is as clean as possible. Compare it to top sellers in your category and make certain that it is just as professional.

  2. Make sure to respond to 10 buyers requests per day. Every day. At the beginning you need to start completing orders to make the system see that your gig is active and being ordered. That makes you a bit more visible. Until you get level 1, take any orders you can complete even if it is more work than you would normally do. Once you get level 1, you can become a little more picky and start holding the line a bit more.

  3. Accept the fact that fiverr will get slow sometimes, this is normal. Don’t give up. You will do great if you stay with it.


Hey Shachelle, your got some great advice already, so just…welcome and :four_leaf_clover: !

Oh, maybe the obligatory reading and listening list :wink:
Fiverr Academy
Fiverr Blog
Fiverr Podcasts

Yeah, well, and the forum, but you found that already. :slight_smile:


Thank you @newsmike. You got some great pointers there. I’ll definitely use them as a guide! … :+1:

Thank you @miiila. I did get some great advice. I love it!

Those links you provided are very hand. :+1:

at first i was skeptical, but then if you remain patient, you gain traction and it gets better. And also you learn a lot along the way how to deal with customers, which ones are on it for the long run, which are going to be a headache. But mostly what I have learnt is to be patient.

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@heiditranslates I was a bit skeptical too, but the more I scroll through the Forum and read the stories/ experiences of others the more optimistic I become.

Patience is key!


Learn, Read and be patient!

Learn - Visit the Academy and search the forums for valuable tips on how to properly optimize your gigs.
Read - The more you read the more you’ll learn!
Patient - Fiverr is simply a platform and if properly utilized can result in incredible success however that all comes with patients because sales don’t happen right away!



All useful tips. I really appreciate it @thecreativeguys. :+1:

My experience has been great, I am two weeks old on Fiverr and I have complete 6 order and I know more of it still coming, Stick to the advice you have been given above

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Wow, that’s awesome @burnbetty!

I’ll definitely try, thanks. :slight_smile:

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I try and be smart, I think you promoting your gig outside Fiverr is very important.

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Constantly be improving. Set up your gig, and tomorrow look at it again. You will notice something could be improved, whether it be your gig description, photo, FAQ, etc. Do this every day.

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Hang in there, focus and you will beat the odds just like a likkle Island gal like me.

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Well I am going to follow the advise because I have seen people making above $1k here and I am not gonna be exception

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Hello and welcome.
For someone who is offering a FB header design gig, I’m surprised that you have only
one sample image and that alone doesn’t really show your skills. You might want to work on that a bit more!!


I joined Fiverr 2 months ago and the first impression was like "How the **** should I get orders with SO many competitors in my category?"
I changed my gig picture and tags so many times and in the end, I think that it was not a great idea. The better idea is to take a lot of time for it and let it be. There is also no secret to get orders, just deliver top work, take your time to communicate with your customers.
What got me the most orders (and still does) is the buyer’s request. Pick them wisely, take your time and reply in a way that they get the impression that you know 100% what you are doing and HOW you can make their lives better (for just $5, ha?)
After my first two months, I already got promoted to a Level 2 seller.

Good luck :slight_smile:


When I joined Fiverr, I got my first order in 24 hours.

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