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What Was Your Most BIZARRE Order?


Going through this forum and from personal experience, it seems many of us sellers have had some CRAZY (and funny) encounters with project or clients that did not go as planned.

Tell us your story !


One time a couple years ago I received a lengthy message to my inbox from a distraught man who’s wife was possessed.

She was trying to live in a tree and howling. She attacked anyone who got close. She bit people, and spit and vomited if anyone came near. He asked for the help of my coven to rid her of whatever had taken over her formerly pleasant personality.

We cast our spell for this problem and conducted our ritual to remove negative intrusions for the poor woman.
Our internet was instantly knocked out at the completion of all our rituals for her. Our town had a complete and total blackout, as did neighboring towns. This happened immediately after the internet went down.

We ended up moving all our tools we use in our spells, which is no small job, to a town one hour away, and stayed with friends for a week while the electricity and internet were down in our own town. We have since discovered that this is the main mode of attack for internet spells we cast, when we encounter particularly strong entities, and we recently have installed a generator and backup personal hotspot setup for electrical blackouts and internet outages.


I had a voiceover order a couple months ago, with a script advertising the ability to bet on already-fixed soccer (football) matches.

Needless to say, I canceled and reported immediately. If you’re going to run a match-fixing ring, why would you advertise it publicly?


…hmmm, that would be a toss up between, 1) a video of me getting a pie in the face, 2) a video of me getting green slimed poured over my head like on Nickelodeon 3) a video of me washing my dog in my garden 4) a video of me pretending I’m his mother and scolding him for being a sexual pervert…all four were requests for custom offers… i turned them all down.


Wow! Truly amazing story…
I would have never image the entity world and the internet world can interact in such ways…


How interesting! Did the client say anything when you cancelled the order ?


Damn… Those are just ridiculous !
Bizarre indeed ! :slight_smile:


I guess the weirdest message I received was from a foot-fetishist, that was trying desperately to convince me to have a video chat with him))


I mean making s e x u a l noises for 10 mins sounded easy in theory, but I decided to let times get really desperate until I’d get paid for that haha. Gonna make 2017 my biatch!

^^ That was an actual request… however something more ‘bizarre’ was getting asked to anonymously call someone for a guy. This guy was fed up with his neighbor’s loud dogs, and wanted me to calmly call as someone ‘in the neighborhood’ that suggests we all want a peaceful and quiet street, so if you could please take your dogs inside and/or control them better. This guy paid me 50.00 for a 20 second call-- I’ll take it! However I was soooo nervous to actually call, the lady picked up sounded incredibly hostile haha. I’m glad it was a short convo : )


That is hilarious ! HAHAHA


25 % of the messages or orders I receive are bizarre :slight_smile:


Once, I got a message from a buyer with a rough pencil sketch of a fish and the message stated in a cold-stiff robot like manner: “Bring this to life, I want this to be life”!. No matter how many time I messaged him/her back asking for more details and what did he/she mean by “bringing this to life” I received the exact same cold robotic message: " “Bring this to life, I want this to be life”! maybe it was just Skynet from the terminator movie awakening and trying to use Fiverr as a drill :slight_smile:


Hahahaha, people tend to do that…
That is truly hilarious and a knows issue for us as well :slight_smile:


That’s a job gone wrong. lol. I find it hard to believe tho.




Someone paid me $500 to get rid of their dog’s spirit in their home. The dog was still alive. I was really confused


Probably because you installed a generator, but didn’t say whether it was fueled by gasoline, kerosene or coal. She might be doubtful that coal generators are reliable. I wouldn’t want one!


Buyer : I will need to modify some things on [ABC] site. Need to replace some content. What will you need from my end and how much time will it take?

Me : I will need your admin login credentials and timeline depends on the extent of modifications.

Buyer : What if I don’t have admin access to the site? can you still do it?

Me : Are you the owner of the site?

Buyer : No, it belongs to my ex.

TL;DR Version : Buyer was trying to hack into ex’s site.


lol that’s hilarious


Truly hilarious, hahahaahahahha!