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What was your reason to join Fiverr?


I know everyone’s reason is to make money.

But everyone should have an unique story on why would they want to?

My only reason was to buy myself a macbook pro which my friends lost and refused to pay up for it.



I’m looking to check off a few things on my bucket list and I needed a way to make money from home. I’m hoping to make $100 so I can do the first thing on my list! Fingers crossed.


My reason for joining Fiverr…

I was recovering from a traumatic accident/surgery and did not have use of my right arm (I’m right handed). I was unable to drive/travel for auditions, recording sessions or meet/consult with clients, as I did for years.

Since I have a fully equipped professional VO studio, I tried Fivver as a way to ease back into the VO business. I figured my sales would be slow and the jobs small enough for a one armed guy to handle!

Well it’s been 18 months of physical therapy, and I have 85/90% use of my right arm back and I’m doing great. The BIG change is, at age 61, now I choose not to drive/travel for auditions and recording sessions! I’ve retooled my VO business as a totally on-line endeavor and Fiverr is a part of it.

I like the micro-job model, and think it’s a great place for entrepreneurs.


G’day, I am new here as well. I joined Fiverr a while back as I am now carer to my elderly father and am restricted from working outside the house. I am computer illiterate and hope this will help me to learn and eventually build a website and sell my gig there as well (I like to make greeting cards.) I don’t know if I’ll ever understand “backlinks” and I will never be able to make a video of myself (too shy at 50) but I look forward to trying all these things :smiley:


I found out about fiverr when I was looking for ways to make money online. At first, I was only trying to help my boyfriend out by finding small ways for him to make money.

But then after a while, fiverr seemed like a good idea for me to start practicing for the ‘real world’; teach myself how I should treat others, learn to be more professional, etc.

Not only that, but I also want to use the money I get from fiverr to buy plane tickets to the states :slight_smile: so that my boyfriend won’t have to go through the hassle of flying back to Indonesia… I really want to visit him soon, if not then i’ll have to wait for 4 years to pass until he finishes college.

Yeahh LDR sucks :frowning: but it works when you work hard


I found out about Fiverr a couple of years ago and joined to buy something, don’t remember what it was. I just put up a couple of gigs to test it out for a review for my newsletter subscribers. I was surprised how quickly I started to get sales.

I was very busy with my online copywriting biz and didn’t really want my high paying clients knowing that I was selling a service here for $5. GASP!!! I didn’t think it was fair to my clients for me to be charging them my usual high fees, and then to be giving away my writing services here, so I suspended my gigs for quite a while.

Now I am easing into selling most of my online assets and winding down to retire. I figured that because I have had 15 years of online success, I would give back by reviving my Fiverr gigs, and offer my professional skills to help others succeed.

I want my buyers to have the advantage of getting my professional services without having to pay my usual high rates. I love working with my Fiverr buyers, they are so appreciative.


I think I joined Fiverr (over 2 years ago) because I liked the sound of it and the concept. I created a Gig (that is still going now and is my workhorse) and forgot about it. I was coming back to my account only as a buyer for various things. I was too much involved in other online businesses to do anymore about my Gig, but from time to time (once every 3 - 4 months) I received an order from someone, supplied and got paid.

One day, I thought that if I could make 4 bucks from time to time doing nothing, what would happen if I decided to work at it seriously? Which I did. Created a few more Gigs, advertised, read and participated in the forums, and made a few sales (2 or 3 a month).

Then I came across a Gig (5 months ago), a guy who was offering to have a look at one of my Gigs and help me improve it. I bought the Gig and two weeks later my sales were shooting through the roof. I reach up to nearly $1000 in a month.

I have never made so much money online so easily in my 13 years marketing. In the past six months I have bought so many things I couldn’t afford before. My Fiverr revenues simply doubles my retirement income. $-)

Although, as we all know, V2 has reduced our sales figure terribly, but I keep good hope and faith that the good days will come back sooner than we think. In the main time, I spend a lot of time improving my Gigs, promoting and I have also created a Gig to help those who want to improve their Fiverr sales.

Thanks for starting this thread tzezuka, I am sure that it will motivate many sellers :bz


I am from South Africa and love the idea of making money online. I did a search about 2 weeks ago that said - “selling myself online” and fiver came out on top of the search results. I joined the site and brainstormed a few ideas, popped them up and bam, sales are coming in - I love the concept of fiverr and the way we can all be creative and make some money at the same time.


I first joined fiverr as a buyer to get things done for my mobile business with little to no cost. Then I saw what others where doing and how a ton of people are making money for different services I thought I should join in.

I am a full time mom and I am all about attachment parenting so I don’t want to leave my son. Fiverr is making it possible for me to work from home.

My goal is to raise enough money to leave the mobile business to be able to rent a studio for my pole fitness business!


I was Googling “ways to make money fast”, and I guess that’s about when appeared. I’ve always been extremely interested in building businesses and helping people by offering services. I figured, I spend all my time learning new crafts and years practicing arts, why not share them and make a few bucks?

So I set my goal to a collage tuition, and have only made $16 so far. But I’m still working on it. I won’t give up… because the greatest thing about Fiverr is that you can make money, having fun! :slight_smile:



I’ve always wanted to create something. I figured being an author would be a good avenue to pursue. I figured with kindle allowing people to easily sell their ebooks my dream was going to be easier to chase. After finishing the first 10 pages of my book, and receiving excellent reviews from family I decided to create my fiverr account. When I finally earn some gigs it will allow me to not only get practice with my writing (while earning a little bit of side money) it will also allow me to receive feedback which isn’t biased.


Reply to @babawhitesheep: Aww thats sweet <3 haha wish you the best on getting your tickets to the states! :smiley:


Reply to @kaitomono: Haha thats great. I am exactly doing what you mentioned above :confused: I am doing my logo designs and business card works for a minimum of 300$ in the real world, while I provide my same service here on fiverr for a mere 5 dollars, lol. I know how it feels like xD My friends were like how in the world are you doing your work for 5 dollars and were quiet shocked to begin with, but yea here I am continuing my services :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Reply to @kjblynx: I am very sorry to hear about your left eye :confused: and I really hope that you would get your lasik surgery done quickly! I would have helped you with gaining more buyers if I already bought my mac, but sadly I am still on the way collecting the money for it. :confused: ( have to get it in less than two months )

I haven’t checked out your gigs yet, but if you are doing something different than what I am doing at the moment, then you can count on me to give a word to my buyers to check out your gig :slight_smile:


Reply to @magellon: Wow… 1000$ a month is like :open_mouth: hahahaha :smiley: I am barely making a 100 here. So I hope my gigs happen to raise like yours :smiley: But good to know that you got things you couldn’t afford before :slight_smile: And i would be my honor, if one of my discussions motivates people out here :slight_smile:


Reply to @nicred: Thats great :smiley: I am sure your sales would pick up well nicred. All the very best (Y)


Reply to @brittaneex: All the very best brittaneex. At first it would be a little hard for getting sales, but once you get a decent number of sales with a good rating, your gigs would shoot up like a rocket :slight_smile:


Reply to @its_ace: Thats certainly true :slight_smile: All the best on multiplying your amount soon :smiley:


Reply to @shortstories: I would be looking forward to your books on kindle! :slight_smile: Glad to know that a soon to be famous author is using fiverr. Oh, and when you turn out to be a great author, please ask your readers to pay a visit to my gig. I would be very grateful hahaha :smiley: Also you can count on me for designing your kindle covers :wink: I will make sure to give it my all in it :smiley:


Reply to @tzezuka: Yes, it is nice that you do that for the Fiverr community too!