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What Was Your Weirdest Job Ever Before You Found Fiverr?

I can’t say I’ve had many jobs, because I make a really terrible employee…

The only job I can think of that was a little weird for me was when I worked at a garden shop for a couple days and I had to fill 100 pound bags of chicken feed. Needless to say, that’s why I only stayed for two days. :smiley:

What’s yours?

Wow hmm, I worked at Hollister when I was 17. It was pretty fun though, people were cool

When I worked at a call center…I was terrible at my job and lasted 60 days.

I worked at two big companies which paid pennies.
First company I lasted for two weeks( Steel wire company
Second company I lasted for two weeks( Food company

I worked as a waitress. I was also a cleaner for one day but I was sacked/fired myself because fukdat. Ah, the joys of being an immigrant and only having shitty jobs to choose from!


I have to say I didn`t have weird jobs before Fiverr but as a health and safety technician I used to see many things weird and dangerous.

But I have a gig that I will do things that people inspired me to do and I had two weird requests. I will only tell you one of those requests.
one person asked to make a video of someone else tickling my foot because they had a whole site selling those videos!

Did someone here had a similar strange request?

Hollister, Yeah that would be a cool job for a 17 year old :slight_smile:

haha… Why do you think you were terrible?

hehe…You’re unemployable. Entrepreneur spirit huh?

I can just imagine. :smiley:

It would be interesting to read about the other one of those odd requests. :smiley:

Ah you worked as a cleaner, that explains why you never seem to get too bothered by difficult clients.
I worked a week as a test dummy in a self defense class for women, also worked 20 meters above ground on a scaffolding setup by a guy who was too drunk to stand up straight. Non of those jobs compare to a night time cleaning job i had for a year, had to dodge syringes in trash bags, calm down weirdos lurking and trying to sneak in when i was taking out unreasonable amounts of trash, being attacked, having to deal with unreasonable people and constantly wait for the salary that always was late (i mean really late ranging from weeks to months). The only positive thing is after that job i never had to wonder what it feels like to be treated as something lower than whatever dirt and muck feeds on.
Wish i had done like you did and quit after the first day.

“A test dummy in a self defense class for women”…hahahahaha :smiley:

Once! I did a good job but they hid a moldy coffee cup in the back of an unreachable obscure cupboard as a test. Never mind the more obvious traps which I dealt with. Thing was, the feedback was in person, and he took great delight in that one little thing, and telling me I’d failed. I knew him well enough as a friend (sort of) to tell him he was full of shit, picked up my money and said “that’s the last time I do this”

I have more entertaining stories from my time a waitress, including the dead sparrow incident. Bloody sparrows.

I’ll save some time–working as a waitress, one of my duties was to clean the restaurant (all) before opening, inc. the toilets. So I did that. I actually came in earlier that day to deal with the ball explosion (we had a tree that dropped balls on the reg, it was a windy day).

Anyway, toilet was lovely, then a sparrow flew in and died and landed in the toilet and floated about and I got yelled at for my so-called negligence. I loudly protested and the sparrow was eventually fished out by my boss (I point blank refused) and thrown in a bin without ceremony.

Stupid sparrow.

As for the balls, the boss’ father, prior to his death planted a tree in the middle of the restaurant. His mother hated it (she lived in the restaurant’s granny flat) and constantly told him to cut the ball tree down–with me saying “yes, I hate the balls!” behind her. He refused to as his father planted it and chopping it down would besmirch his memory.

With the help of Mother (as I was coming in early = fu boss) I found a hole in the floor next to the toilet that was also on some lower ground. So I’d just sweep it all rapidly into that corner then literally put it under the rug.

My ex-boss has since claimed (he enjoys my various workarounds) that he caught us red-handed lifting a mat. Nuh-uh. In any case, he later adapted my idea because if you’re going to keep a shitty ball-dropping tree, you’re going to be lazy.

It did sometimes drop balls into people’s food if you were wondering, but luckily they all took it as a “charming Greece” thing. Phew!

This is all quite normal for Greece, I should add.