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What was your worst experience with a buyer?


Well, I have been with fiverr only for less than a month but its been a roller-coster ride. I met some buyers who were extremely professional but at the same time there were also the ones who are, well lets just say jerks.

What was your worst experience with a buyer?

Here’s mine:

Just a couple of weeks after I started out on fiverr, I had this huge order of $120 (Well, may sound pretty small for some top rated and 2nd level sellers, but it was still pretty big deal for me). So, anyway this was for a business plan and after I completed the whole thing and delivered, the seller just refused to accept it and said she got it done through someone else in the mean time (I delivered in 1 day, not sure how that was possible) Anyway, at that point, I did not want to risk a bad rating, so just cancelled the order. Sucks! but in a way I’m glad I can keep up my shiny 5 star rating :slight_smile:

You guys have a better or worse story? Let us know!



That’s terrible! The rating system sure makes it easy for a seller to get taken advantage of.


I’m pretty sure she actually used your work, but didn’t want to pay for it.

You should have contacted customer support for it. :cry:


I don’t have any one story that stands out, knocks on wood but I have had a few little annoyances. Like people requesting revisions on small orders so I spend too much time on a $5 order. They tell me I did it wrong and then send me a bunch of very specific points that I could never have guessed should be included-- names, personal details, and unconventional formatting. I just try to remember that sometimes I get bigger, easy orders that take no time and it sort of cancels out.

Sorry about your big canceled order. That’s really not cool.



So far, there haven’t been any. Two jobs took longer than they should have but the problem with one of those was a genuinely interesting one. Outside of Fiverr, though? Two or three come to mind :scream:


I have a revision policy stated in the FAQ of all my gigs. It basically says that my revisions don’t cover new requests or changes in topic (I’m a writer). If they ask for something they didn’t include in your original request, you could refer them to your revision policy (make sure you have it written in your gig description or FAQ) and offer them a gig extra to cover the additional work.


I had some whacko lady message me last week. I never respond to my messages anymore because 99% of it is spam from Indian buyers trying to get my personal information - UNLESS it is a client I have asking me stuff, etc.
Anyways when I didn’t respond to her she went nuts and started being rude. When I politely asked her what was wrong, she began being all apologetic. Then when I didn’t respond back to her within 2 minutes she went on ANOTHER rampage - and AGAIN the same process occurred, etc.
Long story short I was pretty creeped out.


good idea. I will add


Same happened with me but the order was $400 and yes I cancelled it too.


hi… I shared my bad story on the forum as well that buyer placed his 2nd order with a 24hrs deadline when I rejected he put the negative reviews to his first order in anger. well CS take actions and remove it.The second story was with unresponsive buyer, I delivered her work and asked her multiple times to check and let me know if there is any error or she need any change I ll facilitate her as her instructions were not so clear but she never asked me for revision and put bad reviews when I asked her what was my mistake. the reply was “communication was poor” ah what in the world my communication was poor? well, it was my first bad review on my 5star gig. the horrible nightmare that has passed.the reason may be I receive multiple orders daily so have one or more stories :stuck_out_tongue: