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What was your worst sale experience as a seller on fiverr ? and what did you learn from it?


since workload is a little low through this hard time, lets discuss bad experiences with buyers so we can learn from each others mistakes.

Mine was at my early beginning and it was as follows, i had a buyer who wanted me to get him a unique business name suggestion for his website and of course to have the domain name available for purchase.

the order was to get him 10 business names suggestions, and i did deliver. after the first delivery he asked for a revision and the conclusion was that he didnt like all the names and wanted another 10.

i replied that we didnt agree on this, we agreed on getting you names suggestions, not names that you must like or accept. after a long discussion and because i was afraid to lose the order at the moment i accepted to do another 10. and again he asked for a revision and that he didnt like all of them. we did that 3 times. after that he began to ask me to either keep doing this until he finds the name he likes or i refund him.

well i kept again on providing name suggestions to him on the inbox, until he finally told me he now has around 5 names that he likes and will choose from them, but he insisted that i refund him or he will give me a 1 star and a bad review.

i went to the resolution center and they told me they cant do anything and i have to resolve this with the buyer. i tried all what i can do but he didnt reply to me and just kept sending me cancellation requests. at the end i didnt accept this and got a 1 star rating and a very bad not true review.

that was long time ago, and i did learn from my mistake. and here what i learned ( in my opinion )

1- the 1 star rating hurts your profile a lot ( especially if your are getting started) and it takes long time to cover it
2- its better to cancel the order and drop your completion rate than to get a 1 star
3- if you feel the buyer will take advantage of you and get you working more than what he paid for, you better cut it short from the beginning and cancel the order
4- don’t be afraid to tell the buyer NO, especially if he was rude , talking in an unprofessional way or asking for more work that was not in the scope of the initial order
5- you will always get other chances and better orders, its not the end of the world if you hit a wall. after the 1 star rating i got and my overall rating dropped to 4.7 i thought no one will hire me again, but in 2 days i got one of my biggest order and i moved on to become a level 2 seller then shortly i met all the top rated seller requirements.

Go ahead share a bad experience you encountered with a buyer, how did you deal with it and what did you learn from it. please feel free to ask me any question.

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While I agree with everything you’ve written - it’s points 3 and 4 that new and inexperienced sellers really should learn from.

The moment a buyer shows any sign of asking for additional work beyond the scope of the original gig, you must politely put them in their place and explain “that’s not what was agreed”. You then go on to say “we can either continue this project on the original terms agreed” or “I could do the additional work requested for an extra $X”.

Decent buyers will understand, scammer buyers won’t like it - which is why you must then cancel the order. As you say, never be afraid to tell a buyer “no”.

The mistake that too many new sellers make is trying to please the scammers. The point is - they are scammers, you won’t be able to please them. They are like school playground bullies - they keep coming back for more.

It’s getting late and I’ve shared my nightmare story on here a few times, but in summary it involved a scammer buyer who tried to cancel an order after delivery and thereby receive my efforts for free. As it happens, the job was one of the most difficult I’ve ever undertaken on Fiverr - and I wasn’t going to let them get away with it. Customer Support were excellent in my case and ensured I was paid and they removed the scammer’s very critical fantastical feedback.


I’m currently suffering from this type of situation. No more orders, no buyer’s request. All of my gigs ranking becoming low day by day. I don’t know why.
Believe me, approx 20-25% of my fiverr earnings will get spend on my college installation fees and i gives some of my earnings to my parents. It also helps my family expenses because my family is financially weak.
I can’t explain and I have no words to explain at this time how I’m feeling at this time.
Just totally depressed. :confused:
If anyone can help me for getting some orders or send me some orders, I will be really thankful for that person with my truely heart. :pensive:
Please support me and help me… Please

A couple experiences come to mind. Someone hired me to beta read their novel. Apparently they couldn’t handle criticism and had some not so nice things to say to me :woman_shrugging:

Another buyer years ago purchased gigs one after the other. I didn’t want or couldn’t do something they wanted (can’t remember) and they gave me a one star review on the first order because I didn’t do the additional work they wanted. CS removed that though, so I got lucky there.

I don’t know if I really learned anything, but I’m always happy telling potential clients “no” if I feel like they’re going to be a hassle. Being treated terribly is never worth the money.

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