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What way to cancel when order is late and seller is not responding?


Ofcourse I have been looking this up but, no exact answer to be found.
Unfortunately I am having a bad experience with my first time buying a gig on Fiverr.
I had made an order with a very friendly person with a deadline of 10 days.

We arranged that he would deliver half of the assignment within 3 days, and the rest within 10.
He missed the 3 day deadline… so ok, i’d give him another shot.

He stopped responding to my messages 4 days ago.

Now the 10 day official deadline of the order is past due and… no delivery, no response.
The order status is still “in progress” even though the deadline was earlier today.

However, Fiverr is not giving me the option to cancel the order, within the order? It does not even say anything about it being late, even though the countdown to the deadline is over now.
Yes, i can co to the resulotion center, but cancelling that way I will have to wait for 48hours for the seller to respond, and he has not responded in days, so he definitely won’t now… and 48 hours is long because I would like the amount of money back in my account so I can pay another seller to do the same job.

Shouldn’t the order be automatically cancelled? I am getting no feedback in the order that is is late even though the deadline was due earlier today.

How does this work? Will it be auto-cancelled within 24 hours?
Or did I break the autocancel by withdrawing a dispute? Because I was not sure if this dispute about being late was in the way of the order auto-cancelling, so i withdrew it just to be sure.

I’m a little confused about how this works so… please help me out here :wink: