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What we can do when Situation is out of control

Hello All

I want to share recent situation and also show that why we need Seller Complaints section on order page.

Actually recently we had order from one buyer and he directly order our gig not discussed project in message box before.

they give us logo design job for $5. But Actually his project worth $15. we told him But he rejected our offer. Anyways we did his job in $5. A Professional Logo. But he wants modification. okey we did it But now his requirement was totally changed and he want redesign all logo in same price.

we do not want negative feedback that’s why we respond him with order cancellation.

What you think ??

We spend lots of time on that project But we didn’t get anything. But we have not other choice.

Looking forward all for your replies…:slight_smile:

Reply to @sanmeet: Next time they order a second modification, ask them to order another gig. You’re right, negative reviews are bad, that’s why sometimes I will ask for a refund instead of doing too many modifications.

Don’t let buyers abuse you. Think of your business like a restaurant, you bring them a steak, they say it’s under cook so you cook it a little more. That’s fine. But if they come back and say now they want rice and beans, that’s too much, and you gotta let them know.

I think you meant a Seller Complains section, a place for sellers to complain about Buyers. A Buyer Complaint section is a place for buyers to complain about sellers.

I think what you experienced was horrible, you did the modification, and now they want a complete redesign? They should order another gig. In fact, this is why I’m starting to charge for modifications. Buyers need to know that our time has value.

In the future, don’t do people favors, don’t do a $15 order for $5.

Hello Sanmeet,

You situation seems interesting, but if you have no other choice… here’s a great common freelancing quote:

“work for free ($0) or for full price ($15). Never for cheap.” -Tiger Woods

I gave him two Mockups as well. Lol

Sanmeet after working on this site for months I learned that you should never give any service for you. Once you give something for free they want more and more.

Feeling bad for you as it happened with me as well.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thanks for your response… :slight_smile: ya it was horrible. and Thanks for your opinion on Sellers complaint. i got it and update. In the future we can not doing this you are right.

Reply to @fivergraphics5: Yes, next time i will keep your suggestion in my mind. Thanks for response.

Reply to @sanmeet: My pleasure, we sellers have to support each other. :slight_smile: Stand united against bad buyers. Of course, if I a seller is bad, I won’t defend him. Buyers have rights to, they just need to realize that the customer isn’t always right. Sometimes the customer is too picky, too demanding, and impossible to deal with.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: i have one more case like this. now client ask for modification again and again. i have done with three modifications. normally i give one modification in basic gig. But now he demand modification like colors change. a little bit positioning etc. I told him that you can tell us in one attempt. I just do not want negative feedback. we sellers try to our best for buyers. But some buyers don’t cooperate with us.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I like your Example… you are right. :slight_smile:

Reply to @rahulkajla1: Hi checked your Profile and wants to wish you… Congratulation Brother you get success in very short time on fiverr. Can you share your experience with us. How you reached this goal in less time. how You promote your gigs. :slight_smile: