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What we do when someone change their requiremnet after project delivered?

what we do when someone change their requiremnet after project delivered?
and do not accept my project i am new on fiverr

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I usually tell them that their request doesn’t fall under the revision and this new requirements will be a new order but I’ll make him a discount and will make it for x amount of $.

Also you can attach a screenshot from their gig requirements and highlight the part at the bottom in the small font where it says that buyer confirmed that all requirements are correct and all changes have to approved by seller and might incur extra payments.


but brother customer do not accept my order send me request for cancel order
so,how i complain to fiverr

Well I think that’s a “sister” you’re talking to fellow friend ,for your problem and if I were you I would go right away to Resolution Center
and To access the Resolution Center:

  1. Once logged in, click Orders from the menu. Choose the order you want to modify, and then click Visit the Resolution Center .
  2. Select what you would like to do with this order and click Continue .
    I suggest you type in your gig description Contact Me before placing an order to reach to what your customers actually want and get to understand their requests before getting to work I guess that’s what I would do to avoid falling in such problem again :wink:

One more thing just to be clear here on the forum they don’t call others “brother or sister and what not”. I suggest you The guidelines sorry for the little interruption ,I totally feel you and what you’re in atm.

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Thanks to give me solution

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You’re most welcome ,I hope they get your issue solved very soon
All the best :smiley: