What we have here is a failure to communicate


Anybody remember that line from the movie “Cool Hand Luke” I have a buyer who purchased a gig from me–a voice over gig–and not only does he not know what he wants–except I have not yet delivered what he wants, but also, he does not write English in an understandable format. After 3 total redos he finally said he is going to close the gig and pay–I told him not to pay because this is not what he wanted. Anybody have similar dealings and or any suggestions on how to best handle this–and how will this ultimately effect my rating?


If your buyer accepts delivery of your order and feels that the work you have provided is of poor quality, he or she will likely leave a review which reflects this. If you feel like this might happen, your best option might therefore be to request mutual cancellation of this order. You will not get paid if you do this but your buyer won’t be able to leave a review either.

To prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future, simply cancel orders after the first day (or even in the first few hours) if buyers can’t communicate what they want clearly.

Whether due to a language barrier issue or something else, communication problems only ever lead to sellers spending a lot more time than they need to on projects and more often than not, the problem which you are facing at the moment.


Didn’t he pay in advance of you doing the work? How did you tell him not to pay? Buyers pay when they place an order and only after they place an order would you then begin working on it usually.

I suggest that you do not accept a job from someone who does not write English in a way you can understand. This is a recipe for disaster to do this.

For you to do 3 do-overs, and for him to say each time it is not what he wants, while never having even paid for some odd reason, and to top it all off can’t speak English well enough to be understood, shows this is a nightmare buyer any way you look at it.


Excellent advice… I did not know about the mutual cancellation. Thanks for your help.


Being so new I am learning new things each day. I was not sure when they paid. When he said he was going to mark it closed and pay–what did I know. At first glance his info that I require when ordering the gig seemed pretty straight forward, even though it was written kind of poorly, But thanks for the advice. I wont get myself in that situation again!


The mutual cancellation worked great–best for us both. Thanks for the suggestion.