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What we know about the Fiverr Search Engine algorithm


I was, not too long ago, given a piece of information about the Fiverr search algorithm by CS staff, and I figure it’s possible others have too. So, given that there is so much folktale, anecdotal, circumstantial speculation about what the search engine does or doesn’t do, I think it’s worth recording what we ACTUALLY KNOW, or at least have been told directly from the horses mouth.

If you have a snippet of information directly from Fiverr about the search engine add it here.

  • I was told that my gig title “Provide Skype or other live consultation for my gigs” wasn’t specific enough and so wouldn’t appear in the search results

Orders Completed Without Cancellations


sounds like a good idea. Just wondering whether or not what little info we are given is actually a secret or something that really matters…


Unless they say, you can’t tell anyone else what I’ve just told you, then it’s not a secret.

Whether or not it really matters is debatable as presumably the different variables in the algorithm have different ratings.


I so want to make a sarcastic comment here but I’m holding myself back :slight_smile:


yes that’s what I meant when I said “really matters”.

As in they share low value info here and there, but nothing major.


You do have other avenues to post it… and please dooo… :smiley:


imho there’s no point in not doing something just because you don’t have all the information, but I understand what you’re saying in that we’ll never know all the factors so there will always be something else other than what we know.


Wasn´t specific enough. Hmm. Matters or not, it´s still pretty interesting, thanks.


OK one tidbit I learned the other day was this:

“Fiverr’s algorithm can now tell someone is trying to game the system faster than before.”


I’ve heard the following valuable bit of information about the Fiverr search engine algorithm:

“The Fiverr search engine algorithm is a secret. We can’t tell you how it works.”

I don’t know if this is helpful or not, but this is what I’ve heard. :wink:


@jonbaas: Perfect!!! (20 characters, please!)


You didn´t say ‘I´ve heard from staff…’ That´s suspicious. :wink:




You’re cynics. I’m disappointed in you :slight_smile:


You can figure out a large chunk of the algorithm just by logging actions, events and changes that you compare with any hard stats you have available to find patterns. Anything that you can repeat over and over again by following the same steps is pretty much a fact.

So why not include things that can be repeated over and over again by following direct steps?


Sure. If it can be objectively measured and proven.

And happy anniversary.


I´ll just take a large chunk of your anniversary cake, and staff can keep their algorithm to themselves, while I have that. :cake: Happy anniversary!


Pfft. It’s a secret. I can’t reveal my source. :stuck_out_tongue:


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