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What we look to our competitor gig as a seller


Since fiverr runs his business very well and many of seller are joining here everyday. as a result every seller got more competitor and buyer got confuse to choose a good seller.
i think that’s normal issue.
but problem is when a new seller make his/her gig, they copying 90% of their competitor gig description and that is really bad habit.
What we look to our competitor gig when we make a new, some point’s are always got similar like
1.Competitor gig title
2.Competitor gig description
3 Competitor gig price
as a result a good seller losses his/her buyer everyday, i know if seller served good then that buyer will come again, it happens on me too.
so to avoid this problem i think
1. we should try to increase our service at same price.
2. fiverr should banned fake seller who are really harmful in this business
what do you think…


That’s not a rule, but by being in the same category you may find almost all of them are similar, as they offer the same service.

I don’t know how it is now, but last time I’ve created a new Gig (2 years ago), Fiverr told me “there is a Gig with similar Title” so you couldn’t use 100% the same. I don’t know if that rule changed now…

Is always good to see what others offer, in order to adjust and improve what you’re willing to offer and be competitive

Same at in point “2”

That’s the way! You got that right.
Lately I’ve seen many sellers asking to give discounts/free work, instead of working more and offering more for the same value.
I respect you for this one!

It’s our duty to contact Customer Support when we see this kind of behavior, and at the time I believe Fiverr knows this and started already to have a big cleaning on some Gigs!


Few month’s ago i met this type of seller … and it’ s happy to say that fiverr take action end of the day which is really good news for real seller…