What we REALLY need


One of the things that I think as both sellers and buyers we could REALLY use…

Delivered, Read and Downloaded indicators.

Sent a gig to a customer with no response? Seen that they were online an hour ago but wondering if they even saw your gig? Wonder if they saw your message?

Contacted a seller and waiting for a reply? Wondering if they even opened your attachments??

So have a think about it and vote in the poll below. Love to hear your thoughts and feedback as well. [poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • I’m a Seller and I believe this feature would be useful.
  • I’m a Buyer and I believe this feature would be useful.
  • I’m a Seller and I believe this feature would NOT be useful.
  • I’m a Buyer and I believe this feature would NOT be useful.
  • I am not concerned with this feature.


I can’t answer the poll because I would not want indicators as specified. I might see some advantage in an indicator that showed only if a buyer had viewed a delivery and one that indicated a seller had read an order message. Those would be helpful to me as a buyer and a seller since I would like to know if the buyer has seen the delivery and if a seller has seen my order.

I think that a read indicator for all inbox/order messages would go too far and I also wouldn’t want a downloaded indicator for all files. I think that some buyers would put undo pressure on a seller who has just read a message or downloaded a file. Some buyers would want immediate feedback when the seller just needs to review the information quickly and move on to deliver a different order.


I guess the issue i am looking to address is when a seller delivers an order, and there is no feedback or confirmation from the buyer. Now with glitches in messages it can be handy (although i would rather the glitches fixed), but in the case of delivered orders or even requests for information - it would go a long way if a seller knew that a buyer had actually read the message, as at the moment there’s no way to say what has or hasn’t occurred. All we have to go on is that you may have sent the message 10 hours ago and the buyer was last online 8 hours ago. Same thing from a buyers perspective.


I agree :slight_smile:

I do not want any read receipts on inbox messages, but it would be nice to know:

  • (As a seller) When a buyer has seen my delivery
  • (As a seller) When a buyer has downloaded the files
  • (As a buyer) If the seller has opened an attachment that needs to be reviewed before an offer is made/an order is started


You’re not wrong - anything can be abused and the road to hell is paved with good intentions.


As for how it would look - think whatsapp or viber or even iMessage. In the case of WhatsApp by your message:

1 x Grey tick = message sent
2 x Grey tick = message delivered
2 x Blue tick = message read.

simple as that.


That’s what I was thinking :slight_smile: However, I think users pester each other enough as it is.

If a buyer sees I’ve read their message, maybe when I’m on the app and don’t want to type three paragraphs out, they’re going to start wondering…Why isn’t she responding? They might assume I’m not interested in their project or that I’m flat-out ignoring them.

The other suggestions you made could certainly help both buyers and sellers, and I don’t see how they would cause any harm.

Side note: The download notification could certainly come in handy. I know better now, but when I was first getting started, sometimes buyers would act like they forgot they ordered and say “I don’t need this anymore” right after delivery. I would have known that was a scam sooner if I had a way of seeing that they had already downloaded the files.


It is an avenue that has many, many methods to work on. And some of the comments are very true (including yours) that it becomes open to abuse. In the scheme of things though nearly everything can be open to abuse, that doesn’t mean that such functionality is redundant, rather as a way to ensure that if something DOES get abused, it can be tracked, monitored and onus applied where necessary.