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What we should do with this type of Buyers?


Hello respected Users,
Three days ago, a buyer place an order with 10 requirements. I started working on project and almost I have done. Now buyer is increasing requirements and says “Do it other wise I’ll give you 1 star review”. Please suggest me what should I do…???


Step 1:
Take screen shots of your messages with your client.

Step 2:
Contact here: Customer Support and open a ticket with them saying that your client is an extortionist. Send the screenshots as prove.

After that they will take care of him/her.
Let us know what Customer Support tells you.

Good luck with that!


Thank you so much for your suggestion.


It’s the only way to deal with those kinds of buyers.
Don’t get frustrated though, there are plenty good buyers here! :smile_cat:


Yeah offcourse…!!!


:sob: I would cry… and then contact customer support.


haha, same situation is here…!!!