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What we supposed to do?

Everyday I am seeing on buyer request lots of and different types of job post.
And also everyday I see

“I am looking for someone to buy my gig and to post a positive review and i will do the same in return !”
“I will services my logo design”
“I will give you 10000 fb Page likes”
“I will manage your social media account for your business”
"I will give you SEO , google page rank 1"
“I have theme, I will sell it”

ETC and ETC. All job post is coming from seller . I am just tired of this . Its really difficult to find who is real seller and buyer .

What we supposed to do actually? Need suggestions from you because you are the expert. Should we complain about them. I dont think so . I am just confused.
Thanks advance

You can complain about them to Customer Support under the Trust and Safety section. Fiverr staff does keep an eye on buyer requests and is working on the problem, but this is the best thing to do for now if you see these. You can send screen shots of the seller posts to CS. If you don’t want to complain about them to Customer Support, you’ll have to just ignore them.